Holistic Life Consulting

This program is for those who are not interested in a coaching relationship, but wish to learn about Natural Health and living a Holistic Lifestyle. We do this trough an initial  phone conversation to get to know you and gather information on your current health and wellness. You will also be emailed a questionnaire to fill out and return.
Second phone consultation to go over suggested alternative therapies, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes and answer any questions you may have. You will also be emailed a summary of suggestions made during our phone consultation.

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Coaching is a relationship which helps you learn and achieve specific personal goals by receiving training, advice and guidance from a coach who has education, experience and expertise to offer advice and guidance as you learn a natural and holistic way of life. I help you explore health issues and habits that may be contributing to you not achieving your goals, as we work together towards your optimum health.

Our goal is to help you achieve the very best health you can, through diet, supplements, vitamins and minerals, exercise, evaluating your lifestyle choices, and suggesting alternative therapies.

It is important to remember when starting our program. It will take time to see visual changes to your outside, while we are restoring your health beneath the surface. AND at the same time… just because someone looks slim or fit DOES NOT mean they are healthy beneath it all. Keep that in mind! Don’t compare yourself to others. Only strive to be better than YOU were yesterday.


DISCLAIMER: The information here is NOT medical advice. Do not institute any changes in your current health programs without consulting your Medical provider. For medical advice please consult your private physician or preferred health service provider.


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