5 Kittens and a Blog

I’m finding it hard to write today, see I’m in love!! ❤️❤️ We had a stray cat come up to our back deck about six weeks ago and it was obvious she was heavy with kittens. Of course I love animals and I had to feed her. Well one month ago today she was begging to come in the house, I hadn’t brought her in sooner cause we have two dogs and two cats, by any measure a full house. That particular day she came in the garage and wanted in the house so bad. I knew thunderstorms were predicted for that night and being a mommy myself, I knew there was a good possibility she was going into labor. So I brought her in, careful not to let her and our cats and dogs in the same room, not knowing if she has had her shots. Sure enough I made her a bed of old towels in the laundry room closet and by 9 pm that night we had 5 beautiful kittens!

The 5 kittens are now a month old and I’m totally in love!! I know I need to work and I’m very fortunate to work from home, but I just can’t stay out of “the nursery”, as my husband has dubbed the hall bath, since we moved mom and kittens a few days ago. I was worried the kittens, getting bigger and more active every day, might get behind the washer or dryer and get stuck or hurt. Now they are right next to my office and meowing loudly, not a good thing since I need to work. I find myself checking on them several times a day, if they are awake, I can’t help but stop for a play break.
I’m happy to report that mom got her second round of shots yesterday and everybody got a clean bill of health. We are so thankful and relieved that mom, Carmel and kittens are happy and healthy. Why is a Natural Health Consultant, Coach, and Blogger writing about a stray cat and her kittens? Well, to give my readers more insight into who I am, what I do, and why I do it. This article is going to be the first in a series about Natural Pet Care. This way my readers know that I know what I’m taking about and I practice what I preach.
How do pets fit into Natural Health? Well, Americans are pet lovers. Over one million American families have at least one pet and our pets make us healthier. Our pets love us unconditionally, something some of us never experienced until we had pets. Research proves that pets lower our blood pressure, ease our pain, offer us constant company, and improve our lives in so many ways! So we need to give them back, as much as we can, of what they give us; good health and unconditional love. Feeding our pets nutritious food, keeping them healthy and happy and healing their ailments naturally is the least we can do for them, who enrich our lives so much. So stay tuned to my blog for kitten updates and to learn how to give your best canine or feline friend the healthiest and happiest life possible.


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