5 Kittens and a Blog (update 6 weeks old)

I’m definitely still in love, but man am I tired! The kittens, 6 weeks old now, are everywhere all the time!! It’s quite fun and funny, but chasing them is tiring when your my age! I now know why I had children young, I’m to old to chase little ones, especially five of them all going different directions! It has made our house busy and noisy and when they go to their new homes in two weeks it’s going to be sad! However not completely sad cause 3 are staying, we were going to keep two anyway but the orange boy George, hasn’t found a forever home (and my husband has become quite attached to him anyway) so he’s staying too! WOW!! I must be nuts!

They won’t be little forever, all to soon they will be grown cats laying around and being boring, but in the meantime it’s gonna be fun!! Although my favorite, yes I know your not suppose to have favorites and I would never have favorites with my children or grandchildren, but fur babies don’t know the difference; Cyan is a wild cat! She is so busy and crazy, but when she stops she passes out and loves to sleep under my chin! That is her favorite snuggle place and she doesn’t take no for an answer very well! The last two days they learned to climb the baby gate we’ve been using to keep them corralled and they are everywhere, all over the house. Jinx and Kami are kinda shy and reserved so they don’t venture far from their safe space, but Cyan, George, and Cleo LOVE having the entire house to run in at breakneck speeds.

They were not, however prepared for our two BIG (to them) Border Collies! George was not phased, he’s very confident and just walked right up to Fender (our son’s Border Collie mix) and smelled him, never hissed or anything; not phased in the least! Cyan was curious, but when Fender stood up she got a little freaked out, but stood her ground! Jinx and Kami stick close to “their” bathroom and mom, not very interested in the dogs, they do however run around the house, but slide into home base often! Cleo is somewhere in between. She is not as adventurous as George and Cyan, but not as cautious as the other two. She runs and plays all over the house but likes to get in hiding places often! She revealed to me today that she’s a wino (see picture below).

It is so fun having them, watching them grow, and seeing their personalities develop. Each one is so unique, they all look different; except for the “twins” Cyan and Kami both grey girls that you can’t tell the difference in unless you are looking at their faces. Kami has more white markings than Cyan does. Their personalities couldn’t be more different, Cyan wild and crazy, Kami a sweet little momma’s girl shy and reserved. Gentle George the biggest kitten with the biggest heart and fearless, our other boy Jinx very observant, cautious, and such a funny personality always doing things that make us laugh. Then there’s our Cleopatra (Cleo’s her nickname), she will be going to live with my friend Kim’s daughter Gabby, she kinda prissy, sweet, and a little cautious, but if her siblings do it then she’s up for it too.

There you have our brood, Life with 5 kittens and a Blog. We are six weeks in since the stray momma cat begged to come inside, then blessed us with the little “angels”. I am always the first to get angry with people who aren’t responsible pet owners, who don’t get their animals spayed or neutered, and let them just run loose. However, this time I’m not so mad since these five kittens have brought the pitter-patter of little feet back into my life and for that I am grateful and exhausted!!



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