PRODUCT REVIEW: AquavHome Shower Filter

This is a wonderful shower filter! I ordered it from Amazon and I got it within a couple of days. It only took my husband minutes to install.

This will be an amazing addition to your shower, especially if your highly sensitive to chemicals, like I am. Every time I got in the shower, before installing the AquavHome Shower Filter (I felt like my skin was sticky and it dried out really bad and was rough and always begging for moisture). Also the Chlorine in our water is harsh! The smell is so strong in a closed in shower it can and has set off my Asthma. One of my absolute favorite features is it comes with 2 filters and you can take the dirty filer out and clean it, so you always have a clean filter and this makes the AquavHome Shower Filter an even better value.  I have added a list of the features from Amazon below.


This shower filter is simply placed on the pipe in your shower, between the wall and the shower head. I am adding some more pictures and you can find this product in my Amazon store in the menu.

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