5 Kittens and a Blog (4 month update)

Well they are growing like little weeds and showing their like, dislikes, and even getting into lots of trouble. They are so cute it’s hard to get mad or stay mad at them. They are getting so Big, especially George. He has always been the biggest of the bunch, but he is growing so fast and seems twice as big as the others! He is just a big ol Orange Teddy Bear. He loves to sleep in your lap or snuggle with you in bed. He loves to sleep on his back all sprawled out and loves being the only boy left here with us. He soaks in all the attention from his mother and sisters. His favorite toy is a shiny, fluffy, blue ball he carries in his mouth and bats around everywhere. Arnold got them a tunnel and he loves to play in that and to get under the living room throw rug and hide. The older boys stay hold up in the master bathroom just hoping that when they come out the kittens will have magically disappeared, but no such luck thus far! George wants to go in there and hang out with them so bad, like it’s some type of boys club, but the older boys hiss and smack him (all of them). So he’s forced to come in the rest of the house and hang out with mom and his sisters.

Cyan is our naughty girl. She is a troublemaker and still always the most curious. She watches and learns everything quickly. She has learned to jump with ease anywhere she wants to be and many places she shouldn’t be! It’s funny to that she is the quickest to pick up on things, because she was the runt of the litter and is still is. But being the runt doesn’t slow her down at all, as a matter of fact, I think it makes her busier and quicker. Her favorite toy is anything crinkly and the ball with feathers sticking out of it. I believe she thinks it’s a bird and she caught it and it’s hers. I am her favorite person and she loves to come up my chair and on to my chest and right in my face. She sleeps there sometimes but she is getting to big to do that much anymore. Another habit she has taken to is getting in bed with me at 4 am and trying to take my CPAP mask off! She needs me to pet and love her, apparently that’s not possible with a mask on your face!

Kami is still a sweetheart. It’s hard to believe her nickname when she was a baby was hissy pissy. She only hisses when her siblings try to take her favorite toy from her now. She has one favorite toy and that’s a ratty old mouse with arms, legs, and a string with a ring out of its head or it did. It’s missing an arm, it’s whiskers, and the string on top. She brings it in bed with us to play at bedtime or early in the morning and Arnold has kicked her and the mouse out more than once! She is a total daddy’s girl to the point she runs up in his lap between him and the dog, like he’s mine, you back off! She has the loudest purrrrr and loves to love and be loved. The one thing she can’t get through her head is don’t get on the table and counter tops! We use a squirt bottle with water in it for discipline and she just doesn’t get why we squirt her when she gets on the table! She is smart though, she sits in the dining room chair and waits for you to leave the room, then jumps up on the table. It’s funny when one of us is in the kitchen and see her do it, we say KAMI NO and she’s like of crap I’m caught run!!


Cleo went to live with my friends Kim and Gabby. She is Gabby’s baby and a total mommy’s girl! She loves to aggravate their older cat, as a matter of fact, it’s one of her favorite things to do. She plays with everything in the house and gets into everything. She has adjusted to her new house well and actually owns the place now (just don’t tell Kim aka grandma, shhhhhhh). Gabby says she still announces she has to go potty, like everyone needs to know! She did that as a baby when they started using the box, she didn’t get it, so she would run around crying and I would pick her up, drop her in the box and she would cry and use the box. I had no idea this was an announcement. Her name Queen Cleopatra fits her perfectly! Her favorite toy is a white mouse, but apparently nothing is off limits to the ruler of the house and Queen!

Then there is our Jinx. He is a sweetheart and a butt, I’m told. He went to live with our daughter Megan and her husband, in a household with another cat and two dogs. Megan’s 8 month old Blue Heeler, Willow is his best friend. They rip and run all over the house like crazies! They sleep together and are constant companions, except when Willow has to go outside and Jinx informs Megan that is not okay. He is vocal, he will tell you everything you want to know and some things you don’t. He meets Megan at the door nightly when she gets home from work and informs her of all the happenings in the house that day. He wants to be picked up and loved, after all he’s been home alone all day! He beats up on his “big brother” Hobbs the cat. Just like George he loves to hide under the rugs and play with Willow.

We are so fortunate that they are all healthy, happy, well adjusted kittens! Being that mom, Caramel came up as a pregnant stray. They have tested negative for all the cat illnesses, including mom. We had mom, Caramel spayed two weeks ago so no more kittens for us! The kittens will go when they are six months old to be fixed too. We are maxed out on cats! Our next adventure is to try and potty train them! Yes, potty train, as in going potty on the toilet. I bought a potty training kit on Amazon, called CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit and I’m hoping we can get the kittens and Caramel to use the toilet, so here’s hoping no litter box! I will be doing updates once a month and let you know how the toilet training is going. Here’s hoping for the best!





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