CBD Oil for Pets Amazing Video, pictures, and Testimonials

Got the Doggy treats four hours later! This is not normal Zeus! He’s a wild man! Lol! This is good stuff!



Backwards Sneezes
Bessie…. August 2017
Just wanted to share my results on giving cbd oil to my pups my oldest pug boston mix usually gets backwards sneezes.alot and since giving him the oil he has yet to have one… 1 month strong 💪 he has also calmed down a bit along with his sister.


Jenn….July 2017
I have started my old Aussie on CBD oil. She is coming 14 and has a lot of miles on her. Being a ranch dog on 25 acres wears on a girl. It has been 4 days since I started her on 2 drops a day. She is happier, brighter and traveling a little more sound!
2 drops between 2 slices of yummy cheddar cheese and she loves her oil!

Pet Arthritis…Pet Diabetes…Pet Energy
Rena….MO, United States
Wylie (Shi-Pom) will be 15, 10/31/17 and Brutus (Maltese) just turned 12, 6/16/2017, they both take 3 drops of CBD oil religiously 2 times a day and are having remarkable results with no side effects.
Wylie has arthritis, a bad back, weak rear leg, was listless and tired and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He has a new lease on life and is literally like a puppy (or teenager) AND is walking, running & playing on all four legs regularly!
Brutus, we adopted at 10 years old and could only catch him if we kept a leash on him. He had so many issues, I don’t know where to begin but they are much fewer now. His anxiety level is MUCH lower. He is sleeping through the night. He paces less. He’s liking my husband (that’s huge)… He comes to us and/or stays. He’s truly part of the family and getting better every day!
I am a true believer in CBD Oil! My husband even started taking it 2 days ago too!  9C51C705-B30B-4EE5-AB61-075F2A120975



Strains…Not Feeling Well
Gayla….Florida, USA
Those who know me also know that I treasure my two lil Yorkies, Coco and Moe. They are family! Friday evening (3 nights ago) I got very concerned when Coco (she is 10) was barely moving, shivering, and I could tell she was in pain. I gave her 2 drops of  CBD oil directly in her mouth. She was very quiet all night, and all day Saturday she kept a very low profile. 392591A2-62B8-485E-8DD2-4707985EC252

I have been administering 2 drops morning and night, and yesterday, Sunday, she came out wagging her tail and with a brighter look in her soulful eyes!
She walked outside on her leash but was still not her usual bouncy self. Today (Monday) she was up and in front of me at her usual time, wagging her tail, prancing to the door to go out, and even looking for her treat when we came inside! I knew she was very much improved when she wanted up in the big chair with me, so she could climb up too and look out the windows with Moe… their fav spot on earth!
Neat thing is, Coco didn’t dodge me when I gave her the drops, as she usually does with her heart worm and flea pill every month. She saw me take my drops and I did the yum yum thing, so she accepted hers as well. She still hasn’t jumped up into the chair, or gone up the doggie steps to my rather high bed, but she is SOO much improved. I’m thinking she strained herself doing the jumping on/off thing, as these small dogs are prone to. I’m happy. She’s happy. And Moe is happy his mama is feeling better and MAY play with him a bit!


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