King Komb Pet Grooming Tool; Product Review and Discount

img_0900The King Komb is a product that I have been looking for for years. The komb is made of plastic and has two types of komb teeth. One side is made of rubber teeth and the other is made of retractable steel teeth. The teeth retract easily and smoothly. This product isn’t to hard on the cats or dogs.

In fact all of my pets seem to enjoy the Komb because it doesn’t pull their fur when I run thru it pulling the under coat out.



When I use the metal teeth side of the komb it pulls the under coat easily and quickly. Then I slide the button back and the teeth retract and I’m able to wipe the fur away and dispose of it.

When using the rubber teeth side it acts like a message for their skin and they really enjoy this part.

This komb is shaped just right so that it fits in my hand and won’t cause any pain in my wrist and it is wide enough to cover the pets in just a few strokes and then you are done. CBD Oil for your Pets! What Conditions does it treat? How much do I give?

I would recommend this King Komb to anyone who has cats,dogs, or any pet that has fur and requires brushing out on a regular basis. This Kingkomb makes the task so much easier on both me and my pets. CBD Oil for Pets Amazing Video, pictures, and Testimonials

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One swipe of the slide, the de-shedding edges retract and your pet’s hair is easily removed.

The World Famous KING KOMB™ is used to remove loose topcoat and undercoat.

The addition of 51 rubberized bristles perfectly sized to remove allergy triggering dander, sand, and dirt to help keep your pets coat silky smooth.

The KING KOMB™ works great on most breeds of dogs, cats, and horses.

The New Retraction Action makes clean up as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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