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Clients tell me every day, I know I need to eat better, I know I need more exercise, I know I need to make changes in my life.…So why is chronic illness so rampant if we know this? Simple answer our body knows exactly what we need to do to be truly healthy, we just need to be taught how to listen and respond.

I am a Life Coach who earned my Bachelors Degree in Holistic Nutrition and Masters in Naturopathy from Clayton College of Health. I studied psychology at Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have been educating, coaching, and consulting for more than 20 years. My focus is healing through diet, herbs, alternative medicine, and complementary modalities. I believe to be truly healed and whole, you must find a balance between mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. My passion is Natural Health education and teaching others to take control of their own life and health. I am the owner/operator of Clamon Natural Health, online educator, Public Speaker, and Wellness Coach and Constant.

My Personal Story of Healing:

Making your health a priority is job number one if you’re going to improve your overall health and wellbeing, but it’s easier said than done. I help people work through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual roadblocks to good health, so they can attain a higher level of wellness and improve their health and wellbeing  for a lifetime.

I don’t believe in fads or diets. I believe in healthy foods, herbal remedies, lifestyle improvements, and coaching that are:

* Natural
* Aligned with your environment and unique biochemistry
* Rooted in Biblical Wisdom
* Steeped in common sense

I also believe food is Medicine. You need one of a kind nourishment and supplements to support your health and to achieve true healing and overall wellness. When our mind, body, emotions, and spirit work together, we can enjoy vibrant health, boundless energy, and look and feel great.

Start putting your dollars to good quality foods, supplements, and relationships that you will enjoy rather than breaking the bank on prescription medications that lead to miserable side effects without relief. Stop paying for healthcare that doesn’t create health, and start investing in  foods, supplements, and support that can enhance vitality and restore health. It’s time to ditch Band-aid Medicine and Heal Naturally.

Yours in Excellent Health,
Elizabeth Clamon, Naturopath

Coaching Programs Open for enrollment:

Holistic Natural Health Coaching for Optimal Wellbeing and Preformance

True Transformation Coaching  (Healing from Lives Traumas that are causing Chronic Illness)

Holistic Approach to Sports Medicine and Nutritional Consulting  For more information on Sports Consulting

Blockes to Permanent Weight Loss: Take it off for the LAST TIME!! foods to avoid and ones to include, Stress Management, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spirit connection, Sleep Cycle, Lives Traumas, controlling  food, so it doesn’t control you

For More Information email or

call (252) 268-2186

How It Works:

I will work with you one-on-one to create a step-by-step path to wellness and support you through dietary and lifestyle adjustments designed to help you live a healthier life and achieve healing.

Individual coaching services are available in 1-, 3- or 6-month packages, and you can extend your services at any time.

Group Coaching runs for 8 weeks, are done via phone or Zoom and I have new groups starting every week.

For your FREE 1 hour strategy  session send me an email at so we can talk. No obligation and no pressure, I would just love to talk with you and help you begin your journey tword healing, achieving you goals, and True Transformation. Just for booking a Strategy Session get my ebook.

Email at    Call at (252) 268-2186




    1. I have been praying for confirmation that I’m headed in the right direction and you just answered that prayer!! Thank you!! I’m on LinkedIn as Elizabeth Clamon and I would love to connect!! I also speak to Churches and women’s groups my speakers page is God Bless!

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