Weight Loss Fast, Easy, Successful


If your New Years Resolution is to lose weight and get in shape, Leave a comment below or email me at Elizabeth@clamonnaturalhealth.com with your phone number and a good time for us to chat for about 20 minuets so I can tell you how I accomplished this. There is NO charge for WELLNESS/WEIGHT LOSS COACHING, it’s completely FREE!! What have you got to lose expect that weight that’s been dragging you down?? Contact me today so we can chat!!

Visit me HERE , email Elizabeth@clamonnaturalhealth.com  or call (252) 268-2186 for a FREE 20 minute wellness evaluation and I will email you my e-book Tips and Tricks to Lasting Weight Loss FREE just for contacting me. I promise it will be a revealing conversation and at the end I will NOT pressure you in any way to buy ANYTHING or sign up for ANYTHING!! If you like what you hear and want to go further we will discuss it, if you don’t tell me that’s what you want, I WILL NOT ASK!! I hate pushy sales people, sales tactics, gimmicks, how we seem to have lost the art of customer service and compassion, and most of all the buy this now, you can’t get this anywhere else, if you sign up right now you get all this for Only this much, offer ends when you hang up the phone, NOW, NOW, NOW!! Yuck, makes me sick!!!! I’m not a salesperson, I’m a Christian Naturopath and Wellness Coach that has been at the End of My Rope, thinking there’s NO WAY OUT, NO ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS, and NO ONE THAT CAN HELP!! ONLY NOW I KNOW THE WAY OUT, I DO UNDERSTAND, and I CAN HELP!!!! 

I hate selfies but I need to post this one even though I hate it!! After our car accident in 2005 and my injuries I was not able to exercise and the weight just piled on, well in August I decided I was DONE!! Then I found this Amazing program and the weight just began to melt away!!  I feel so much better and am off of most of the meds I was on. HERES TO OUR HEALTHIER AND NEW YEAR 2018!, 🎊🎉🎈🥂




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