30 Ways to Love yourself this Valentines Day and Everyday

An appropriate subject for Valentines Day and one everyone is talking about and writing about today. However, I want to approach the subject from a different angle. What about self love? Many people believe thinking about and expressing love to yourself is selfish, but I don’t think so. I believe it is one of the best ways you can love others is to love and take care of yourself. So I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on loving and caring for yourself, so you can do your best job of loving and taking care of those you love.

Loving ourself is not just a concept it’s a critical part of being a healthy, whole person. We need to learn to release negative thoughts and criticism of ourself and embrace more self loving thoughts. The way we think manifest in our thoughts, actions and therefore our lives. But self-love can be a very healing and is a necessity if we want to love and give our best to those in our life.


The problem is as women we’ve been taught to working hard and take care of others first or we’re being selfish. What we’re not taught, is that taking care of yourself is taking care of others. If you don’t work on yourself, if you don’t take time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenate and don’t feed your soul, you’ll soon burn out and not be any help to anyone else. This was true for me several years ago. I was so busy taking care of my husband, children, home, and trying to keep everyone in my orbit happy I forgot to take care of me. The result was a complete burn out and chronic illnesses that took me years to overcome.

So below is a list of things I have learned to do to take care of myself. Things that feed my mind, body, spirit, and soul. I hope you will pick a few and start loving and caring for yourself, so that you can be the best you for those you love.


1. Take a long hot bath with Epsom Salt and Lavender
2. Organize your office in a way that works for you
3. Take time for rest and relaxation
4. Eat a diet of fresh organic foods and focus on your food while eating
5. Make a list of activities that feed your soul and post it on your fridge
6. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself
7. Each night before bed write in a journal
8. Start the day with scripture and prayer
9. Cut back on your caffeine and drink more water
10. Make it a priority to get eight hours of sleep
11. Read books you love, just for fun
12. Do something for yourself without guilt
13. Let others help, husband, children, and appreciate the help and let it go
14. Buy something for yourself that you’ve always wanted
15. Practice saying “NO”, you can’t be and do everything
16. Give back— volunteer, take a friend to lunch or coffee,
17. Give someone a compliment daily
18. Exercise, just because it’s good for you and you’ll feel better
19. Listen to your favorite music and dance
20. Smile
21. Go for a stroll outside for fresh air and sunshine
22. Learn something new like dance classes, cooking lessons, yoga, etc
23. Plan a movie night just to rest, relax, and escape life for a couple hours
24. Allow yourself to have a treat and savor every bite
25. When someone gives you a compliment, except it and say “Thank you.”
26. Plan an adventure, even if you can’t take it right now, half the fun is planning
27. Shut off your email and cellphone for an hour daily
28. Give yourself a day off (my day is Sunday to rest, relax, and recharge my batteries
29. Don’t compare yourself to others, your one of a kind
30. Hire a coach or a counselor, to work on you, for you

There you have it. Pick three and start loving yourself today and commit to continuing to do this for one year and see how much better life is next Valentines Day.



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