December 2022


Women frequently experience hair loss, with 40% of them having noticeable baldness by the age of 40. You might see bald spots, general thinning, or a sudden loss of large amounts of hair. Let’s deep dive to understand several factors of hair loss and how to use Regaine to avoid them.

What Can Make Ladies Lose Their Hair?

1.    Genetic or Hereditary Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a female pattern of hair loss. It is a hereditary disease that causes hair to grow faster when it is actively growing. As a result of AGA, your hair follicles diminish, and your natural hair is eventually replaced by hair that is thinner and lighter. Female pattern hair loss is more noticeable on the top of the head and in the parting.

2.    Auto-immune Disorder/Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a type of non-hereditary hair loss that manifests as distinct patches or full hair loss that may occur quickly. Total hair loss from alopecia areata may occur, which may prevent hair from growing back. Alopecia areata is now incurable, however, some therapies may promote hair growth, stop further hair loss, and provide techniques to hide the hair loss you are already experiencing.

3.    Diet, Hormonal Imbalance, Stress, and Telogen Effluvium

When stress, food, a hormone imbalance, or a traumatic incident keeps hair follicles in the resting state, the condition is known as telogen effluvium and results in temporary hair loss. Increased hair loss and head-wide baldness are possible outcomes. Hair should Regaine its previous thickness once the underlying reason has been addressed.

4.    Traction Alopecia and Over-Styling-Related Hair Loss

Everyone appreciates having their hair styled. Hair extensions, cornrows, ponytails, and braids, on the other hand, can all pull on your hair, causing hair loss and possibly traction alopecia. Depending on your typical hairstyle, you may also notice hair loss on other parts of your scalp. You can reverse traction alopecia by wearing hairstyles that do not put too much stress on your hair.

Benefits Of Using Regaine

It enters the hair follicle at the root to help reduce hair thinning, stimulate dormant follicles, and strengthen and revitalise the follicle to produce new, thicker hair.

The active ingredient in Regaine for women, minoxidil, is the only treatment for female pattern hair loss that has been clinically confirmed to work. It aids in hair growth in four different ways as listed below:

  • follicular miniaturisation is reversed
  • boosts the blood flow surrounding the follicles
  • stimulates the transition of the hair follicle’s testing to its growing phase
  • prolongs the development phase of every follicle

How To Use The Product?

  • Before using Regaine for women, properly wash your hands.
  • Before applying, make sure that the scalp and hair are both fully dry.
  • Two times each day, use one of the applicators to provide a 1ml dose to the entire afflicted area.
  • Lightly work the solution into the scalp’s trouble spots.
  • After using the solution, thoroughly wash your hands.

However, to continue seeing effects, continue using Regaine morning and night, just as you would while brushing your teeth. Daily use is required for the Regaine for women’s solutions to function properly.


To be successful, treatment must be consistent and daily. Do not administer a duplicate dose to make up for a missed one; instead, resume therapy, as usual, the next day if you miss an application.

Since hair development is a natural gradual process, it’s critical to be persistent and follow the schedule. You might observe a very minor increase in hair loss during the first 2 to 6 weeks of treatment. Do not feel anxious; this is quite natural and even encouraging. It indicates that the resting phase of your hair follicles is giving way to the active growing phase. The elder hairs may be forced out as a result of this.