5 Kittens and a Blog (6 month update)


As hard as it is to believe, they are six months old! From those tiny little babies that entered our lives so unexpectedly to half a year old. Every day that passes their personalities get bigger and so do they. As I have told y’all in earlier post, we kept 3 kits Cyan, Kami, and George, as well as mom, Carmel. Two kittens went to new home, Jinx to our daughter Megan and Cleo to our friend Gabby. Call us nuts but having six cats is mostly fun, but sometimes crazy and frustrating. We have mamma, Carmel, the three kittens, and our boys Fabio, who is 12 and Beeker who is now 5. Okay now on to what you came here to read, all about the kittens, just 1 more thing; a new product I found for pets, that I highly recommend! Read on….

Well I told y’all in the last update we were attempting to toilet train, at least, Carmel and the kittens, so much for that idea! Only Kami got it and only part of the time so we gave up on that experiment! We are now moving to an automatic flushing potty, because litter boxes with six cats is ridiculous! Well any way you put it six cats is ridiculous, but my husband loves them and since he was a deprived military brat who was only allowed to have a hamster I’ll give him this one. Who am I kidding, I love them too and they are good company while I’m here all day by myself writing. They do get aggravating when I’m trying to work and they are determined to “help” by getting in my lap and pushing keys on the laptop or playing with the iPad screen. I must admit they have been good for me, something I haven’t talked about is losing my best friend of 13 years in late May. Boudreaux was my first dog and I had him since he was just six weeks old. He had been with me through thick and thin, my illnesses, the auto accident, the long recovery from my injuries, and the hard work it took to get back to this close to normal. I miss him terribly, as I type tears spill down my cheeks, loosing him is still to tender on my heart to talk about. The kittens entered our life just six weeks before Boo left for heaven and they were a God send! Literally!! They have kept me entertained and distracted from my grief.

George is the biggest six month old kitten I’ve ever seen! His nickname after he was born was Bruiser, and his size still measures up to that name. However, his personality couldn’t be more opposite! He’s just a big ‘ol lovable orange teddy bear! He’s calm, cool, collected and loves nothing more than sitting in your lap purrrrring and sleeping. When he does manage to gather the energy to play his favorite toy is a drinking straw! So much so I can’t have a straw in my glass and take my eyes off it! He stole my straw out of my glass today, with it in my hand! About the only other thing he loves is a tunnel my husband bought them and it’s even better if his straw isn’t to long and he can get it in his tunnel.

Kami is still the sweetheart of the bunch. She has big green eyes that are always watching and learning. She has an old ratty mouse (pun intended) that she loves and if she’s going to play it’s with that mouse or with her siblings. She loves to sleep on the couch by her mamma, and when my husband gets home from work she is in his lap. I have even seen her back down the sixty-five pound dog because my husband is HER person! She wears a bright pink collar with a bell that’s not needed cause she is mostly chill all the time. She did give us a scare a couple weeks ago, when she developed a cough out of the blue. After a couple of days of this odd, random, cough we took her in to the veterinarian and she was diagnosed with asthma. Yes, cats can have asthma! After a steroid shot and a round of antibiotics, which she was wonderful about taking, she’s not had any further issues. But just in case we changed to a dust free litter and took the lid off the litter box. We haven’t made to move to the flushable litter box yet, but it’s on the top of my wish list on Amazon!

Cyan! What can I say… I could write a book just about her! I am her person! Period end of story! Just ask her. She is active, crazy, and oh so smart! She loves to play fetch, especially at five in the morning, when I am trying to sleep. She loves all the toys, balls, the tunnel, scrunchy toys, fuzz, bugs, and on and on. Nothing is safe! She knows, very well, the rules of the house, but doesn’t care and does it anyway! Gets on the table, the counters, swings from the curtains, everything. Where she is concerned the squirt bottle filled with water is my best friend. She saw Fabio on the top of the refrigerator, hiding out from the kittens, and thought I can do that! Never mind it’s a big time no, no and Fabio got in trouble, it took me two weeks with the squirt bottle to break her of getting up there. She is so stubborn and strong willed and keeps me on my toes and laughing a lot! Sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to do with her, but I also have no idea what I’d do without her!

Jinx lives in Michigan, with our daughter and her husband. He is such a handsome boy! He LOVES his dog, Willow, they are best buds and he gets frustrated when Willow goes outside and he can’t go too, but sometimes he try’s to sneak out too, but quickly rethinks that. He is chatty, loves to tell you all about his day while everyone was at work. Mr. Jinx likes to cuddle and try and sneak food away from Hobbes, his older cat brother. He will catch the ceiling fan (see photo), he just knows it! He’s vocal about his breakfast, and his second breakfast and if you even think about missing his dinner!

Cleo (short for Cleopatra) looks the most like her mamma. She is getting more and more color in her coat and even had a beige tip on her tail like mamma. She is snugly, she loves to follow her human mom, Gabby, around and be where she is. She’s totally a mamma’s girl! She likes to play fetch only with milk jug lids. One of her other favorite pass times is bugging her big “sister” Shadow, who was perfectly happy being an only child. She also likes to pull her combo food and water bowl across the floor, just to make a mess for mom! And they all love boxes! We never thought we would have to keep so many boxes!

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5 Kittens and a Blog (6 month update)
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