5 Kittens and a Blog (8 week old update)

Well the day is upon us! Eight weeks old and time to go to permanent homes. When we brought Caramel in, we agreed we would keep her and give the kittens away. I mean after all, poor thing had been someone pet and got out or was thrown out. I felt she had been through enough and Kittens are cute and cuddly and easy to find new homes for. All I ask was they go to people we know and they sign an adoption agreement that they would bring them back to us if for any reason they couldn’t keep them. I think those were reasonable request. Okay that’s settled, WHOA not so fast!……….

This was the set upon plan and that lasted about 3 weeks. At this point 2 Kittens had homes, the black and white boy, Jinx was going to our oldest daughter and Cleo the tortoise shell (or multicolor) was going home with my friend Kim for her daughter Gabby, only 3 to go. Then we had the kittens out on a blanket for “play time”. One of the little gray and white girls sat and listened to every word I said. She was so intent on hearing everything I had to say, I told her I wish everybody was that interested in what I had to say. My husband decided right then that she was staying with us, but he didn’t tell me. A week or so later, while playing with the kittens, I ask my husband what’s it gonna be like with 3 cats?!?!?! We already have 2 grown male cats. We have never had more than 2 cats and in addition to that we have 2 dogs. His answer 4 cats. I said what, we agreed! His response will tell you what a wonderful man I married 32 years ago, “we are keeping the little gray girl, you love her and she loves you! I haven’t heard you laugh as much as you have in the last 2 weeks in years.” WOW! I hadn’t realized, but he was right. So now mom and 1 kitten plus the 2 dogs and 2 cats we already had.

See it’s been a rough year, for me. We moved across the country for the 12th time in 27 years, and last move, courtesy of the US Air Force. I started a business, we hit a rough patch with finances, I’ve had 4 injuries that required X-rays and significant recovery time, I don’t even know how many sinus infections, and my faithful companion, Boo a 13 year old Border Collie, was not doing well and my heart was breaking. That’s a significant amount of stress and not much laughter. Then when we were in “the nursery” playing with the kittens the other gray girl would get in my lap and snuggle up and go to sleep. She is so sweet and a snuggler, so yep she’s staying! That’s 5 pets, if you’re loosing count. A whole lot by anybody’s standards.

Then the next week, again playing with the kittens my husband sitting in the hall and I hear, “You are my George and I will love you and pat you and you will be my George”. Oh no! I looked up and sure enough the last Orange little boy we called bruiser was in my husband’s lap and he was saying this to him. A name, no, no, no! You don’t name them because if you do you get to attached. Okay now we are adding the orange male kitten to the zoo! That’s 8, eight Pets and 6 of them cats! Just call us the crazy cat people on North Carolina. This is insane!!! Three kittens, 3 adult cats, and 2 dogs, insane!

Then BAM! Memorial Day Week Boo took a turn for the worst and we had to say goodbye. The other dog we have is not ours, he’s our sons dog and we kept him while Josh was in college and have kept him 2 years past that because Boo needed him. So now Fender, our sons dog, is going to live with him. Now the math again 8 pets – 2 dogs = 6 cats. And that’s were we are three 8 week old kittens and 3 adult cats that still don’t know if they want to be friends.

The next weekend we were headed to visit the kids and watch our granddaughter get her diploma, so we took Jinx with us. A 14 hour drive and that 8 week old kitten, he went 13 hours without a peep and then all he wanted that last hour was to get out of the kennel. He just walked in my daughters house, also filled with pets, like he owned it. Cleo went home that weekend while we were away. She is doing great and getting to know the Big cat in her new house. And us? Three 8 week old kittens running everywhere is so fun and funny! The three big cats are still working out their relationship. I’m just letting them work it out! There’s never a dull minute and it is nice to have the company when my husband is away. So how are we going to do 6 cats? I have no idea, but I’ll do monthly updates on how it’s going. Of course with pictures and videos of 5 kittens and a blog.


5 Kittens and a Blog (8 week old update)
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