Aging Naturally and Gracefully (Part 1)

It happens to all of us, for most of us it comes faster than we think or imagine it can! We all dream of all the extra time we’ll have, interesting things we will do, and exotic places we’ll go. We want enough time to do all these things and more, so we need to know what it will take to age gracefully and naturally.

When your golden years begin, the fun should begin, but if you do not stay healthy it’s possible your golden years could be spent in a rocking chair. None of us want that!! I know I don’t!! I want to travel, travel, travel! When the hectic family life quiets down, financial stresses and strains ease up, job retirement is here, or not far off, health is vital to enjoying all the things you’ve dreamed of. No matter if you dream of travel (like me), art, music, crafts, cruises, gardening, writing, long quiet walks, picnics, or a bigger social life….do what you want, not what, you have to! We all look forward to these treasured years of our life, we picture ourselves playing tennis, bicycling, doing whatever we want to, but that dream is always of us being healthy and enjoying ourselves.

This is a series of articles on how to age Naturally and Gracefully…..

There’s a catch to this dream…our freedom comes in the later half of our life, and many of us don’t age gracefully in today’s world.

Science has discovered an amazing paradox! Life expectancy actually lengths as we age! Youth is not a chronological age, it’s good health and an optimistic attitude. Your thinking determines more than you know, how gracefully you age. If you think your old, you will be! If you think you are sick you will be! If you think your tired you will be! Youthfulness begins in your mind!! Have you noticed when talking to older people, the way they talk is the way they are? If they talk about and focus on pain and infirmary they are always in pain and can’t do anything? If they stay busy and do what they love, they are happy and hardly mention pain? I’ve always heard “you are what you eat”, but you are also what you think. If you dwell in negativity, your attitude and outlook are negative, and if you live in positivity your outlook is positive.

Now, I of all people know that sometimes life intervenes and we get injured or ill, but the way we think about the things that have happened to us, have a great deal to do with how well we live and I would argue, how long we live. In 2005, at the ripe old age of 38, I was in a serious auto accident. It knocked my down, way down. I had multiple life altering injuries, surgeries, and illnesses triggered by the trauma; but I didn’t quit, sometimes I wanted to, but I didn’t! I don’t know how, but I kept going to doctors, natural health practitioners, trying everything from acupuncture to medications and more medications. I kept going until I had some answers, and not “this is just your life now, learn to live from your bed!”, a doctor actually told me that. Many people I know would have gone home, excepted her prognosis, and went back to bed and lived there for however long. I refused to accept that as a diagnosis, just because she said it, didn’t mean I had to believe it! Is my life everything I dreamed and wanted it to be, No! But I’m not living from the bed, most of the time. I do most of what I want to, sometimes with a cane, wheelchair, or sleeping in the back seat of the car when we travel, but I go and I do, because I will not stop living just because a stupid truck driver didn’t read the signs and caused an accident that altered my life, HE DIDN’T KILL ME, AND I WON’T LET MY MIND BELIEVE MY LIFE IS OVER, NOT OVER JUST ALTERED!!

I have seen way to many people say I’m done, I just don’t want to live anymore and death seems to follow shortly. Why is that? Can our thinking cause us to die before we are meant to? I believe so. My husband’s grandmother told his sister she didn’t want to live to 90. She was pretty healthy, no major health issues at age 89. But not long after that 89th Birthday she became ill. After the test were run, the diagnosis was a brain tumor, not 6 months later she was gone, just a few months short of 90 years old! Now, am I saying she caused the brain tumor? No! But it could have been there for years, even decades but because she convinced herself she didn’t want to go any further her immune system stopped fighting and let nature take its course.

Or this example…a couple has been married for 50, 60 years or more. One suddenly dies and within a short amount of time the spouse dies and they say, “he/she died of a broken heart”. What does that mean? Did their heart physically break! No, their mind could not wrap around the thought of going on without the other one. I understand this, I’ve been happily married for 32 years, I don’t want to think about going on without my husband, but I have children, grandchildren, and friends I like to think I would want to continue on for. My grandmother was widowed at 50 and she lived another 20+ years, she still had two children to raise, she had me to take care of, and she had a life to live. Did she love my grandfather any less than anyone else? No! But she wasn’t about to quit, she determined to live on, for us!!

So check your thinking every morning when you wake up and nightly before you go to sleep, and often throughout the day. Make sure your thinking is straight and you’re focusing on the good and not the negative, because you are only as young and healthy as you think you are.

I will be posting articles twice a month, focusing on different things you can do to age Naturally and Gracefully. This one begins with your thinking…the first week of October we will do an Anti-Aging Check-Up, so you can see where you are at and where you want to course correct and Go.

Aging Naturally and Gracefully (Part 1)
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