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Exacerbated by poor air quality, environmental pollution, and allergies to dust, animals, and certain foods Asthma is the leading serious, chronic illness affecting four percent of the US population. Like other allergic conditions, including hay fever, and eczema, asthma often runs in families. Researchers believe that America’s high rates of asthma are a result of a marked decrease in Vitamin C in our diet. This is partly due to unsustainable farming practices which depleats our food of nutrients and partly the lack of high Vitamin C foods in our diets. Studies have shown a correlation between wheezing and a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables. People who eat a diet high in fresh organic produce have been shown to have the healthiest lung function.

Food Allergies can be a huge trigger for asthma. Some foods that often trigger asthma are sugar, dairy foods, and wheat. Most asthma sufferers are sensitive to food additives, sprayed produce, animal dander, and molds. Adult asthma is aggravated by adrenal exhaustion, hypoglycemia, and GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease). Pollutant irritants like smoke, chemical toxins, and factory emissions, colds, flu, or pneumonia infections can bring on a flare in asthma attacks. As an asthma sufferer myself, I know all the things trigger my asthma. I didn’t develop asthma until my 30’s and I firmly believe it was caused or at least exacerbated by adrenal exhaustion. I was under extreme stress for a prolonged period, then I began to get ill very often and then it developed into asthma. My asthma is now under good control because I have eliminated much of the extreme stress, changed my diet, and watch environmental triggers closely. Some people’s asthma can be controlled naturally depending on the severity and the asthmatics ability to control their surroundings.

Most people believe asthma is a condition that causes the person not to be able to take air into the lungs, however it is actually a failure to exhale that causes an asthmatics to have difficulty breathing, choking, wheezing, and coughing. During an asthma attack the asthmatic’s lungs and airways become red, swollen, and full of thick mucus. Bronchial spasms constrict airways, then inflamed, constricted airways to react, often progressively, to triggers asthma attacks. Drug-free natural therapies can help reduce the need for medication. Still, emergency medical measures may be necessary to stop severe attacks, which can be life threatening.

Natural Treatments to help control asthma symptoms and for support therapy:

Dietary Suggestions:

Food Allergies and Sensitivities play a major role in asthma attacks, during an attack, eat lots of antioxidant rich foods. These foods have been shown to ease inflammation of the airways during an attack; Dark-leafy vegetables, peas, figs, broccoli, and zucchini are especially beneficial because they provide magnesium, which is believed to protect against asthma by relaxing the muscles of the airways.

Vitamin B6 has been shown to be deficienct in asthmatics. Eat avocados, sesame seeds, fish, and poultry may help to reduce the severity of symptoms. You can also,take a good B-Complex Vitamin.

Eliminate foods with additives, preservatives, and colorings because they have been shown to cause asthmatics to have negative reactions.

Include tomatoes in your diet. They are rich in lycopene, which promotes healthy lungs.

Avoid Dairy products, they generate the most mucous.

Home and Lifestyle measures:

Avoid tobacco smoke, wood and gas stoves

Keep temperature in home below 70* and humidity less than 55%

Keep indoor plants in your home as they are natural air filters

Do deep breathing exercises, take a 30 minute stroll after dinner at night


Stay physically fit and active to keep breathing strong

Acupuncture, Biofeedback therapy, guided imagery, yoga, and massage therapy have all been shown to be effective


Quercetin with Bromelain

Vitamin E

Ginkgo Biloba


B-Complex Vitamin


Vitamin C

Evening Primrose Oil

Asthma Natural Solutions 
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