Fifty-two years ago today I made my appearance for the first time and boy, oh, boy was it a day that rocked their whole world. My entrance was a surprise, or so I’ve been told many times. It was just an ordinary day on a small family farm in Louisiana, chores had to be done, farm animals had to be tended to, and everyone was busy going about their responsibilities. Just another day, nothing spectacular or exciting until…

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Are you suffering from a CHRONIC ILLNESS?

Are you suffering from a CHRONIC ILLNESS?
Do you want to reach a level of HEALING you never thought possible?

When you do the same thing you’ve always done, you get the same thing you’ve always gotten! Are you sick of Doctors giving you pills that don’t solve the problem?

✅Are your ready to explore a new way to heal Chronic Illness?
✅Are you ready to have your life back?
✅Are you ready to figure out why you have a chronic illness?
✅Are you ready to do the work to be FREE and HEALED?
✅Are you ready to invest in True Healing and not just band-aids that are covering up the cause and causing more issues?

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6 Foods That Are Wrecking Your Sleep

Sleep is critical for optimal health and brain performance. There’s no getting around it, there’s no cutting corners, your brain simply needs good quality sleep!

Sleep is a time for your brain to process information, build, repair, prune, and preserve new neurons! It’s also a important time for your brain’s glymphatic system, your brain own lymphatic system, to flush out toxins and run off from a day of vigorous activity.  This allows you to wake up feeling rested, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

When you get poor quality sleep, you’re not going to reap those benefits. Maybe one night here or there is okay, you can recover, but after days, weeks, and even months of poor sleep… you start to build QUITE a hefty sleep debt that’s not easy to make up.

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Nutritional Approaches to Improving Depression and Mental Health

Food nourishes both the body and mind, offering the nutrition required for keeping the whole self energized and functioning at its best. You might, or might not, be surprised to learn the brain is actually the first site that receives incoming nutrients. It makes sense, it is the organ that directs the other organs, cells, and metabolic processes. So what happens if we’re nutritionally deficient, can it affect our brain?

While nutritional deficiencies do not always exhibit grand mental or psychological symptoms, lesser subclinical indications can pop up. Minor deficiencies of certain nutrients are sufficient enough to change mood and brain chemistry, especially in sensitive individuals. Antidepressants, including natural anti-anxiety herbs like St. John’s wort, may not be enough to alleviate depressive-like symptoms in people who are also suffering from underlying nutritional deficiencies. Brain Power; Improved Memory, concentration, mood, and more

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