Cancer Prevention and Holistic Treatments/Support Therapy

The entire human body is made up of cells, each of which contains its own genetic material, or DND-a long string of molecules that tells the cell what to do. In a healthy body, cells divide at a controlled rate so as to grow and repair damaged tissue and replace dying cells. This predetermined rate of cell division is what keeps our bodies healthy. If cells keep multiplying when new ones are not necessary, a mass of tissue called a growth, or tumor, is formed.

A tumor can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancerous. They can occur anywhere in the body and generally do not pose a threat to health, do not metastasize (spread to other parts of the body), and do not grow back if removed. Malignant tumors are cancerous. They are usually serious and can be life-threatening. Malignant tumors grown uncontrollably, interfere with normal metabolic and organ functioning, and have the ability to metastasize and invade other tissues. So what can you do to prevent or treat cancer? Keep reading.

Nutritional Therapy:
1. Juices and teas are key any cancer protocol; veggie juices, citrus juices, green or white tea, roobios red bush tea(key antioxidant), a daily glass of red wine, a daily glass of aloe Vera juice
2. Have miso, shiitake mushrooms, sea veggies, and nutritional yeast 5 times a week
3. Reduce or completely eliminate red meat, eat organic free range chicken, or fresh fish instead
4. Take a good full spectrum Probiotic (to reduce cancer cell growth)
5. Cook with fresh garlic, rosemary, turmeric, and oregano
6. Avoid barbecue and blackened meats (high in carcinogens and hydrocarbons)


*organically grown only!
~Carotene-rich foods: all red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables; tomatoes, green vegetables, large green salad everyday
~Antioxidant rich foods soak up free radicals: garlic, onion, broccoli, wheat germ, sea vegetables (kombu is high fucidan source-a substance found to cause cancer cells to self destruct), leafy vegetables, chili peppers, grapes, berries, carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower kale and all dark greens
~Protease inhibitors: beans (esp. soybean), potatoes, corn, hibiscus tea, brown rice
~High fiber foods: whole grains, especially brown rice, apples, fruits and vegetables
~Enzyme-rich foods and herbs: pineapple, papaya, mangoes, miso, sprouts, ginger, all fresh organic fruits and vegetables
~Lignan foods: fish, flax oil, walnuts, berries

~Morning sun and regular exercise everyday to accelerate the passage of toxins, Yoga, a daily stroll (go easy, you need exercise but don’t stress your body, especially during recovery)
~Eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday, 3 servings of organic, raw, vegetables and 2 servings of organic raw fruits everyday

~Detoxify: Green tea, Detox tea, Vitamin C, Calcium D-Glucarate 400 mg daily
~Mushroom Therapy: Maitake Mushroom Extract (stimulates cancer cell death),                  Agaricus mushroom (stimulates interferon), Shiitake Mushrooms (increases Natural     killer cell activity), Reishi Mushroom (detoxify and disperses toxins)
~Protect against free radical damage: Glutathione 150 mg daily, Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg daily, Rosemary essential oil, Silica
~Natural anti-Neoplastons reduce tumors: Green and White tea, folic acid 800 mg, Vitamin E 800 IU, EFA’s and Omega-3 oils: Evening Primrose oil 4000 mg; fish or flaxseed oil
~Enzyme Therapy; Purifies the Blood by breaking down protein invaders: CoQ10 600mg or Enzymatic Therapy CoQ10 100 mg with Vitamin E
~Cancer fighters: Germanium 150 mg, grape seed POC’s 300 mg, Beta-carotene 200,000 IU daily, Ester C with bioflavonoids 3000 mg daily
~Superfood Therapy: Chlorella or Spirulina, barley grass

**choose 4 to start preferable from different groups to begin, take for 2 weeks before you adding another supplement, only add 2 more every two weeks so you can tell if you have a reaction to one (very rare) and not to overload your system while it’s comprised

Cancer Prevention and Holistic Treatments/Support Therapy
Natural Health Coaching Programs

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