The Brave Files Podcast Interview with Elizabeth

This week’s episode on The Brave Files Podcast is one you won’t want to miss.

Elizabeth Clamon’s journey (Clamon Natural Health) from trauma to healing demonstrates the power available within each of us if we fight for it relentlessly.

Tune in to hear how she has summoned the strength to always find joy. Listen here


Relentless an Interview with Lance Beste

Join Lance and I as we talk about my life and practical ways to overcome adversity.

Elizabeth’s testimony of raising above adversity to live the life you choose is truly inspirational. She is a Professional Speaker, Naturopath  and expert at overcoming trauma, because she has not only survived, but thrived despite childhood abuse, Chronic illness , and being disabled and bedridden for twelve years by an auto accident. She has overcome all of this by implementing natural healing techniques and now operates two businesses, speaks professionally, and is a author.