CBD Oil Testimonials #3

This CBD Oil gave me my life back.

I’m a Marine Corps veteran and government contractor who spent years of my life in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan where I worked as a counterintelligence agent. Over the years I’ve battled with PTSD, depression, anxiety and nightmares. I tried prescription medications but they left me feeling numb and helpless. This led to multiple divorces and feeling like a failure in every area of my life.

Once I discovered CBD oil, I started to feel alive again for the first time in years. While nothing can ever change the past and I still have my ups and downs, this has been a major game changer for me in a positive way. The bad dreams have stopped. I lost weight and got back in shape. Overall, I’m in love with life again. I set goals and look forward to accomplishing them all.” CBD Oil Testimonials real people’s experience in their own words!




YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!!! My name is Tina and I am a 47 year old mother of 6 and grandmother to 2! I was introduced to this amazing MIRACLE CBD oil by my husband. He had tried it with much hesitation. We just knew it was stupid “snake oil”! BUT WOW HOW QUICKLY WERE WE FIRM BELIEVERS!!!

You see, I have neuropathy and veinous reflux disease in my legs! I was dependent on oxycodone and lyrica for the intense pain. I wasn’t an abuser of the opiates, but I hated to have to depend on this medication.. Besides, those two pills lead to a third pill, Linzess for opiate induced constipation.

Then that pill led to a fourth pill that helped correct the adverse effect from the Linzess. A fifth pill I had to take was a water pill. That lead to pulling off too much potassium and I had to take a 6th pill for potassium replacement. Because of this leg disease, I also took ibuprofen 800 (7th pill) or four ibuprofen for anti inflammatory. Inflammation could it be the Problem?

I thought this oil was a waste of my time. I tried it because I saw how my husband was moving..(he can share his own personal testimony) and I decided whatever let’s try. Three days later I was no longer using a walker or those 7-10 pills I listed above. I was once dependent on oxy and lyrica to walk… now I can positively say that I have no pain pills I have to wait for at the doctor’s office.


I was recently diagnosed with a 6mm brain tumor/calcium plaque on my right frontal lobe from a CAT scan on 8/7/17! I kept taking my oil religiously because I know the benefits for brain fluid and it helped with my PTSD AND TREMORS! On, 10/25/17 I had a MRI with dye contrast. This showed that the structure had shrunk to a 4 mm in two months. When Pain Killers don’t work anymore! What now?

cbd results by doctor

Now, besides the power of prayer, this is absolutely amazing and I can’t stop thinking how amazing it is. It is saving my life. I can kick my legs! I CAN WALK! I know what people are thinking…. I will loose my job, I will not pass a drug test!!!

OH CONTRAIRE!! My husband’s doctor did a drug test like an employer would and sent it off to a laboratory. NEGATIVE! You will not get high from this. This isn’t smoking marijuana! This is the medicinal benefits from the CDB!



If you are in pain, have PTSD, Depressed, Cancer, arthritis, etc…. you need to order this now. I use the 500 strength. I use a 1/4 of the dropper under my tongue and allow it to sit for 15-20 seconds and then swallow. It is amazing. Everyone is different and can adjust their dosage to suit them. I have a lot to lose being a phony liar so please know I am serious! This is no lie. I have a business in our hometown and people are seeing the change in us.

P.S. We also started giving this CBD oil to our son we adopted for his PTSD and ADHD! We have got him off of one of the pills for ADHD!” CBD Has saved my Life! I am a Disabled Veteran who has TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury).

With that I have Seizures many times a month, I started 15 years ago 2002, and have not had one seizure! Not only that The CBD calms me down and helps me relax so that I can I can function each day. It’s Fantastic! CBD Oil Is it Legal? What is it? Will it Help Me?

I am 56 years old and feel like I am 30 again! If you know me you will understand that I am very critical on everything!I was like CBD Oil, You Guys are Full of Crap! Thank God I was So Wrong! I have never seen anything like this in my life!

I want to thank Erik Johnson for pushing me, other wise I would be so stuck in my head, That I would have never even gave it a shot. I have taken this to many of my Veteran Friends and others, They can Not Stop Thanking Me! People – CBD Oil Is That Good!..

Don’t take my word for it, It’s up to you! I Believe in This!”

– Tony


Schizophrenia Testimony!

“My husbands grandmother has #schizophrenia and early #dementia. As typically for most with this disease, she does not take her medicine she is #paranoid something is in it, or it will cause problems. She has lived the past several years with her neck turned to one side because she “thinks” her medicine caused it, she doesn’t #sleep very much, talking a few hours every day, because she is constantly worried about her neighbors getting in the house. Walks around with pepper spray, spraying the entire house, whispering to people whom are not there. Barricading doors, never keeping food in the house due to it being poisoned by someone.

She has been on the CBD Oil 750mg for about a week now, she has stopped holding her head to the side, relieved the pain from it always cricked to the side, she has been able to sleep throughout the entire night, going to bed around 9 and sleeping without gettin up until 6/7 in the morning. She has stopped the whispers, she has yet to mention anyone trying to poison or hurt her. She has been in a mood change, happy non combative, joking laughing and starting to get back to her self. She has not been barricading doors and just simply locking them, and eating without mentioning it being poisoned. This is a HUGE success in my book, we are again so eternally grateful for this product!”

I love that this product helps soo many different issues! I firmly believe that our bodies are starving for cannaboids. Generations of us not having them. Do you ever wonder why we are the country with the highest instance of #mentaldisorders in the world??? We are supposed to be the most advanced of all countries, yet this country depends on big pharma and not natural remedies….things that make you say “hmmmmm…”


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CBD Oil Testimonials #3
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