CBD Oil Testimonials real people’s experience in their own words!

I have a heal spur from my plantar fasciitis, I was limping around wearing a boot for about a week now in awful pain, hard to walk. I received my CBD oil yesterday, and within 2 doses (1 day) I have found relief! No more boot, no more limping, and zero pain meds!!! 🌱✌🏻🌱✌🏻 #plantlife

I suffer from pretty bad neuropathy, back, hips,knees and feet pain, I have vertigo and depression and anxiety, the cbd oil has been a life saver. Pain has lessened and I’m not near as anxious. My depression is less to the point I don’t feel like wanting to die anytime soon. I’m going through a lot financially, but as soon as I can I’m ordering more cbd oil. Thank you, you have essentially saved my life!!


Hi, my name is Sheryl.

For 26 years I was a decorative painter climbing ladders and Scaffolding, constantly working and creating decorative finishes on ceilings and walls. HARD WORK!!! After 26 years it definitely took a toll on my neck and back. I now have 2 HERNIATED DISCS and have had 13 epidurals & pain blocks to try and stop the pain as well as taking a plethora of drugs my doctor prescribed. And let’s talk about the side effects of drugs!!!!😱 Oh yah, I also inherited the family ailment of FIBROMYALGIA on top of everything else. Gessshhh!

To add insult to injury, a few months ago my doctor put me on statins which totally blew up my joints with inflammation. And then I got pneumonia and the strong antibiotic had the same painful effect. Inflammation could it be the Problem?

I was in a world of hurt!!!!!! Tired of the drugs & side effects I wanted a better way, something natural and good for the body. My sister told me about CDB oil and decided to try it.

Within 2 WEEKS I went from a pain level of 9 to a pain level of 2. I actually woke up in the morning feeling …can I say GOOD? I am so elated that I gave this a chance. I have been off of my anti-inflammatory and my pain pills and for that I’m grateful!!! 😍  To order: GO HERE




Hi. A little history. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Pretty much, the collagen in my body is faulty. So, I dislocate easily. It also causes internal issues due to it affects connective tissue. Any it wants to. After years of dislocating things, I have been in severe pain. To the point that the only way to sleep is from total exhaustion, and even then, it lasts maybe 3 hours if I am lucky. I also have migraines which cause non-epileptic seizures(NES), or TIA symptoms, due to my nervous system being jacked up from years of chronic pain. I ended up in a wheelchair for 8 months because just walking would set off the nervous system. I couldn’t even laugh, or sing, without it shorting out.

I have been on CBD oils for 2 months now. I still have bad days, because I still dislocate. However, I am so thankful for this product!! I can now SLEEP!! The pain is low enough to be very tolerable. I haven’t had a TIA symptoms, or bad NES issues since starting CBD Oil. I now have been able to get off the meds for my nerves. I was never on pain meds because I am allergic to everything. I am walking freely now!! I can even sing!!! I have so missed that. This is just me though. Since that first month, I spread the love…. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Natural Treatments

My dad, who weighs in at 340, has had problems walking due to the pain, so the weight just kept piling on. He starts it this past week. He has already taken off 8 lbs because he can go walking now. My son? He has bad migraines, which cause foggy thinking. Add anxiety too. Now? Nope! I LOVE my CBD oil! For more information or To order: GO HERE


I’m finally ready to share my testimonial…it all started when my sister-in-law told me that I needed cbd oil in my life (she really said that!) I am a diabetic, who also suffers from severe anxiety and thyroid issues. She let me try a few drops out of her bottle while I was at work. After 15 -20 minutes later, I felt “weird” and by “weird” I meant that I felt calm, my heart wasn’t racing anymore. The rest of my work shift went without any anxiety at all! I was amazed at how quickly it worked!! This was back in August…fast forward to today….my anxiety is under control, I was able to get off of my diabetes medicine metformin, my cholesterol levels are coming down. My doctor told me at my last appointment, to keep doing what i was doing, because whatever it was, it was working! I am so grateful that Jessi let me try it! It has really helped me! Thanks Jessi! All You Need to Know About CBD and Anxiety (Infographic)

Got my bottle on Nov 14th & have greatly improved already. Anxiety, fibro pain, lack of sleep, brain fog, exhaustion, clogged sinuses…….all immensely better. Today I got up at 6 am & drove my hubby to dialysis, came home did laundry, stripped the beds, when I picked him up, went grocery shopping, came home & made lasagna from scratch. NO PAIN meds yet 😱. That’s crazy…. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, explained, Including CBD Oil



Omg! I am a bawling hot mess this morning! Why… because I’m so excited… 🤣 happy tears! Happy tears!

It’s no secret …. friends and family all know….. I’ll take pain pills, magnesium, I’ve tried ever brand of melatonin, many! Most evenings I’ll mix a few strong cocktails as I start to feel the tingling in my legs and anxiety of another night of no sleep… just plain desperate…. then I feel like 💩 every morning from what ever drug or alcohol I took…

Drum roll please…. so I noticed about 9 pm last night that I was not flipping and flopping in my recliner with leg twitches and cramps as I watched TV…. I’m like “WHAT?” …. So 10 pm went to bed… no drugs, no alcohol… no pills… shut the TV off at 10:15… next thing..
I have not done that in forever! Never even woke up once cause of the nerve pain in my ankle!
That’s with in 2 days of these magic little drops!
I’ll keep you posted… can’t wait to go to bed tonight and see if it happens again!

All because of 5 tiny drops in the morning and 5 tiny drops in the evening… hold under my tongue for 90 seconds and swallow. That easy! Many post I’ve been reading people always say …. I 😴 sleep like a baby now…. 🎉

I’m so freaking happy 😃 To order: GO HERE

CBD Oil Testimonials real people’s experience in their own words!
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