Welcome to Clamon Natural Health! I am so happy you decided to pay our page a visit. I am a Traditional Naturopath, in addition to writing this blog, I consult, coach, speak, teach, and above all desire to see you achieve True Transformation to your Health, happiness, and wellbeing. Please have a look around, I have posted articles on many different health subjects and hopefully you will find what your looking for. If perhaps you don’t find the subject your looking for please send me an email and I will add your suggestions to my list of articles to research and write. If I can be of help to you please don’t hesitate to email me at Elizabeth@clamonnaturalhealth.com .                  ~ Elizabeth


Elizabeth has helped me so much with several issues I have encountered. I didn’t believe in Natural Health Methods, since I was told from childhood it was fictions, old wives tales, but everything she has recommended has worked great and I’m becoming a true believer.                                                                                              ~Charles

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.                ~ Ben Okri

It is important to remember when starting our program. It will take time to see visual changes to your outside, while we are restoring your health beneath the surface. AND at the same time… just because someone looks slim or fit DOES NOT mean they are healthy beneath it all. Keep that in mind! Don’t compare yourself to others. Only strive to be better than YOU were yesterday.

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