My Holistic Journey continued

I really want to tell you more of my story and how I got to where I am today. I’m going to try and tell you the other “hits” my health has taken and more about my education, then I want to get to the “good stuff” all the knowledge and tips I’ve picked up along the way.

After our girls were born I tried to get healthy, lose weight, and exercise; I was on that diet roller coaster many of us know all to well. I was always up 30 pounds and down 30, never quite able to maintain the lose. Still always catching everything that came my way and with two small children that was everything it seemed. The flu, colds, stomach bugs, and sinus and ear infections, you name it I caught it and so did my girls. Why can’t I shake this I wondered? Having my own home business helped, I could set my own hours and didn’t have to put the girls in daycare, just the one day a week, they attended Mother’s Day out so I could attend weekly business meetings and still we were always sick. I kept seeking natural ways to heal but always falling back on the way I was raised, going to doctors for more and more antibiotics and steroids, not just for me but our girls as well. By the time they were five respectively they both had their tonsils out, as I did but not until I was seventeen. It didn’t help we were still always sick. Little did I realize, at the time, I was doing myself more harm and compromising my immune system even more with the dieting and continued medication.

Over the next five years I would have to survive a second term miscarriage, the birth of our son, a premature delivery, another C-section for me, and two major surgeries that only put more strain on my already taxed body. Then in 1998 my husband and I decided to make another major life change, he changed jobs and we moved to Florida, little did I know what a major change this would be! A new state, new friends, and the decision to home school our children. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made, not because we were any healthier, but because I got away from negative influences, who kept me running to doctors, and I made new friends who earnestly believed in natural remedies and began to share what they practiced with me. That sat me on the path to where I am today.

I learned all I could from them in the very short ten months we lived there. I learned about natural cures and the balance between Western Medicine, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and diet. They opened up a whole new world for me and I’ve never looked back. There were still many bumps in the road, three more moves in the next five years, counseling to work through emotional abuse from my childhood, an all out fight for my individuality and sanity, a complete break from my birth family, more illnesses that required more medication and a diagnosis of asthma and then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Through it all I managed to go back to school and get my undergraduate degree in Health and Wellness. I found a college that offered degrees in Natural Health and Holistic Medicine,  I enrolled and began working on my post graduate degree and began to treat myself and my family with natural methods, while still trying to balance the need and use of Western Medicine. I managed to put my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in remission, by seeking out a specialist who treated me with the best of Western Medicine and Natural Healing techniques. I instituted the Natural health techniques I was learning, eating a balanced organic diet, the use of herbs, as well as, building up my immune system with supplementation.

Then the biggest assault on my body and health I could have never expected or prepared for. In 2005 feeling healthy for the first in my life, without being pregnant, I took our two younger children and made a trip home to Louisiana, something I hadn’t been able to do in many years. We spent a week at home visiting friends and family (from my husband’s side), traveling the 2000 miles and truly feeling healed and free. Our trip back to Michigan included a stop in Kentucky, where we met members of my husbands immediate family for a camping trip/family reunion for three days. Our trip back to Michigan was to be a truly life changing experience. It was just a days drive and since I had done all the driving up until this point, my husband drove and pulled the camper, while I relaxed in the passenger seat with my shoes kicked off, my seat leaned back, and my nose in the latest natural health book I had purchased. Our daughters, now just 2 weeks from 18 and a month from 16 followed us in the truck back home. It was a beautiful Friday, sun shining, and everyone happy and healthy for the first time in such a long time, when just 45 minutes from home my next big life and health challenge…

My Holistic Journey continued
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