Natural Health Care why I choose this field of study

I choose the term Natural Health Care for my business, because I believe we have been given everything we need to heal our ailments and maintain our health in Nature. Whether it’s food, herbs, supplementing Vitamins and minerals, or complementary healing techniques, like Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, or Aroma Therapies (I could go on and on) we have been given what we need for optimum health by Nature. As modern western medicine continues to get bigger and less engaged with patients, Natural healing techniques will continue to grow and become more mainstream.

I sought out alternative Medicine when traditional western medicine had failed me time and again. I have been sick most of my life and every time I was taken or went to doctors their answers never changed, more drugs and stronger drugs. After a lifetime of this I decided there had to be a better way, so I sat out to figure out ways to heal myself and my family. I started by reading, reading everything I could get my hands on, mostly books and articles. It was just by luck at the time I decided I was fed up with doctors and drugs, we moved and I made new friends who used natural healing methods for their families. I learned everything I could in the short ten months we lived there and it set a fire in me to know and learn more. I was hooked and I couldn’t stop the fire I felt to know more. It has been a long and bumpy path, with many setbacks but I kept striving to learn and use natural medicine.
So what exactly is Natural Health Care? It is a combination of many modalities that help the body heal itself. It is individualized for each person, the correct combination of alternative treatments that works for me probably won’t be the same for you, because no two people are the same. I call this bio-individuality, just as none of us has the same DNA, neither do we need to be treated the same medically. I don’t know about you, but I began to feel like cattle being herded every time I went to my doctors office. I have never been to a traditional western medical doctor that treated me like an individual, unique and needing customized care. It seemed to me that I was just rushed through their office and given essentially the same treatment as the person in the room next to me.
Health is a series of choices about lifestyle, not just illness care, like western medicine. Natural Health combines many modalities that treat a person as one whole being. Western Medicine breaks up the body into parts, like it’s not one system all working together to make an entire person whole and well. If you are depressed you go to a head doctor, if your feet hurt you go to a foot doctor, etc. a different doctor for every part of the body, when the body was created, it was made to be one whole system and when one system isn’t functioning properly it effects every other part of the body.
It is best when starting to learn and implementing natural health care into your life that you get guidance from a Natural Health Practitioner. You need someone who has studied and been trained Natural Health Care. Just beginning to take supplements randomly and trying this or that is not a good idea. It stands to reason that you get someone to Consult with or to Coach you through the changes you are making, so not to get discouraged or through your body into a worse state of being unwell. I have degrees in Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathy. That has given me the opportunity to study not only diet and nutrition, but numerous natural healing practices. It is also important to remember you are making lifestyle changes and supplementing for deficiencies in your system, it’s not like taking an aspirin when you have a headache and the headache is gone in a half an hour. Natural Health Care is a series of changes that improves your health over time, changes come over time and make a huge impact on your wellbeing, but you need guidance and patience.
My love and main goal is education, I want to teach what I know and see you become the healthiest version of yourself they can be. I strive to teach you what I know and give you the best start on the Natural Health path that I can. I customize your program to you and your specific needs. As someone who was chronically ill and didn’t have much extra money to invest in natural health specialist, I understand what a struggle it can be to pay for health care not covered by insurance. I did get to a point I had to invest in my health because continuing to go to traditional doctors and purchase pharmaceuticals was just as expensive and wasn’t making me well. I have tried to price my programs to make them affordable for just about anyone. My goal is not to keep you sick and continually coming back so I can make more money from you. I want to teach you a better way to health and introduce you to the materials that you can access to educate yourself on an ongoing basis. I have tried to set my pricing to be the best value for you and I even offer individualized plans, custom programs and I even offer discounts and scholarships. If you want to learn a new way to live and be the healthiest version of you, please message me or call and together we will make a plan that fits in your budget and lifestyle.

Natural Health Care why I choose this field of study
Natural Health Coaching Programs

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