As the age increases, most of the people face challenges with their health. Our body starts wearing, and if not treated well, the pain remains for a lifetime. Osteoarthritis is a physical issue that occurs in people when they are 45. But after that, their life is changed. As osteoarthritis treatment (ข้อเข่าเสื่อม รักษา, which is the term in Thai), the patient has to change his way of living literally.

Let us understand what osteoarthritis is and learn about the disease in detail.

What Is Osteoarthritis?

Our knee joint produces a fluid called synovial fluid. This fluid ensures that our knee’s movements are smooth and that our knee cartilage can bear our body weight and balance our body while moving. When a patient’s body faces an osteoarthritis condition, the body experiences inflammation in the knee cartilage. As a result, the fluid is not produced in our body, and we feel that our knee joint is not working correctly.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

One of the primary reasons causes of osteoarthritis is our age. Osteoarthritis may also occur in people with a history of knee infections—our genetics cause osteoarthritis within us. If you are doing a heavy physical job that includes squatting and lifting heavy objects, you risk facing this condition in your life later. Also, you may need osteoarthritis treatment if you have undergone an accident and have broken knees.

What Is The Diagnosis Of Osteoarthritis?

Diagnosis of osteoarthritis includes two main things: history of the patient. The doctor will ask you if you have undergone any prior knee surgery if any accident occurred, or if a history of osteoarthritis runs within the family. Another thing is the doctor will take an x-ray of your knee joint. With the help of an X-ray, he will adequately know the affected area and provide the treatment as needed.

What Is The Best Treatment For Osteoarthritis?

One of the best and essential treatments for this condition is reducing your weight by 5 percent. If you have tried everything and cannot reduce that weight, then try that your body weight does not increase more. You should avoid sitting in one position for a long time to prevent more pain. Take care that your body posture is proper. Also, do not misunderstand that osteoarthritis can be treated by walking. It may worsen your condition. Instead, consult a professional doctor, understand the disease in detail, and try doing muscle-strengthening exercises prescribed by your doctor.

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