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Some critics say that detoxing simply isn’t necessary, that our bodies are designed to detox all by themselves, naturally. While that is absolutely true in a perfect world, we haven’t lived in a perfect world since The Garden of Eden. The fact is our modern world is incredibly toxic. We’re regularly assaulted by pollution, in our homes, in our food and even in the clothes we wear. Our meat is treated with antibiotics; our crops are sprayed with pesticides and fungicides, which have unpleasant side effects and toxic results for our bodies.

We must accept that it is impossible and impractical to avoid all the toxins in our surroundings. Do what you can to avoid the worst and focus on building up your body’s natural defenses: a strong and healthy immune system, good circulation and good elimination of waste. These combined can go a long way to keep you toxin free, but it’s not possible to stay completely toxin free in the world we live in.
I recommend you detox with the seasons, so four times a year Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Most of the evidence for detoxifying comes from naturopathy, a system of natural medicine practiced for hundreds of years. You might be surprised to find a whole array of health problems from toxicity simply disappear. Such as the short incomplete list of Symptoms of Toxicity below.

Symptoms of Toxicity:
* Bloating, nausea, and indigestion
* Constipation, gas and cramping
* Frequent illnesses, such as, colds and flu, tiredness, cellulite, and blemishes
* Clogged sinuses, congestion and nasal drip and/or post nasal drip
* Environmental sensitivity, especially to odors
* Frequent, unexplained headaches, back or joint pain
* Abnormal body odor, bad breath or a white coated tongue

I use a combination of the following detoxification rules and supplements to help me detox four times a year it keeps me feeling good and bonus it also boost weight loss.

* Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse it contains a gentle laxative with fiber, a combination of cleansing herbs, and probiotics. It is a 10 day program that is quite easy to follow and includes a book with suggestions and a day-to-day diet. If you find all of this is overwhelming, just do the Whole Body Cleanse and follow the other suggestions as best you can. Any of these you can do is better than nothing, you will still get a good detox, but the more you follow the program the better your detox will be, but causing yourself undue stress is another toxin, so don’t stress yourself!! Do what you can!!
* Eliminate the following from your diet entirely: alcohol; caffeine (tea, coffee, sodas, etc.); dairy products; wheat; red meat (including ham, sausage, etc.); convenience, processed, “junk” and “fast” foods (including ready-meals); sugar.
* Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Soups, salads, stews and stir-fries. Fruit and vegetable juices, especially beetroot, broccoli and celery, are ideal for detoxing, so try to juicing whenever possible. Choose organic produce if at all possible (to cut pesticides and chemicals). Use sea salt in your flavoring; natural herbs and spices, but avoid commercial seasoning mixes, which may contain sodium and additives.
* Have two or three servings of protein a day of fish, organic eggs and chicken, soy products and legumes. Grill or poach meats or incorporate in salads and soups. Add nuts and seeds, to your diet, all of which contain vital amino acids and make great snacks, but avoid peanuts.
* Instead of drinking tea, coffee, or sodas: drink caffeine-free herbal teas, nettle, fennel, dandelion, and there are some excellent detox teas on the market which are liver-supporting. Some detox experts recommend green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, but don’t overindulge because it contains some caffeine.
* Replace breakfast a couple days of your detox with two tablespoons of organic maple syrup mixed with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, half a pinch of cayenne pepper and at least half a pint of warm water.
* Drink at least eight glasses of distilled water a day – more if you are exercising – to help flush your kidneys and digestive system.
* Brush skin daily for five minutes before your shower or bath. It stimulates the flow of lymph and promotes good circulation. Use either a damp washcloth or a natural-bristle body brush. Start by moving from the feet up the legs toward the back of the knees and then up the thighs to the groin. From the fingers, brush arms toward the armpits, then gently down the neck toward the heart. Then do the back and torso, again moving toward the heart. Avoid areas that are tender, irritated or that have broken skin. Start with gentle movements, building up to gentle but firm pressure.
* Exercise When detoxing try to incorporate some exercise into every day. Walking and swimming help the lymphatic system. Yoga is excellent because it supports and strengthens all the systems of the body. Bouncing on a small trampoline or yoga ball is great for moving lymph fluid and to keep it circulating.
* Use a sauna and/or steams showers while detoxing to help the detoxification process. Also try to get a good massage at least once during your detox. Tell your massage therapist you are detoxing so he/she can tailor your session to help the body release toxins. Epsom salts baths with essential oils at home are great for helping the body rid itself of toxins.
* Give yourself time to replenish and relax your mind. Try listening to relaxation music, meditation, or being in nature (hikes, gardening, and/or exercising outside)
* Be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and what it needs. If your body is craving rest, then rest. However, if it is begging you to blow your detox diet try to resist (try to replace what your craving with a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or tea with a little honey).

Seasonal Detoxifying
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