Top 10 List of my favorite products that help me survive Chronic Illness (Part 2)

Surviving Chronic Illness

Recumbent bike and Vibration Platform 

There are many ways to survive chronic illness this is the rest of my mst haves list. I can’t stress how important exercise is! I know, I know! You hear this from your doctors every time you see them, I do too. Just last week I’m was in the Rheumatologist office and he said to lose the weight you want to lose riding a recumbent bike isn’t enough. Now I’ve studied and taught Nutrition and weight loss for almost 30 years and I know what it takes. I also know what I my body is capable of. The Rheumatologist actually said to me, ”You have to do pool exercise at the YMCA five days a week. I know it will take about 4 hours a day, but you don’t have a job!” What the heck! I do have a job, several to be specific! But I guess taking care of myself, running this business because it’s home-based, taking care of my family, and writing a book doesn’t count! Ugh!!! I know exercise is hard, but I promise if you start slow and build up it will help and it will make you feel better. I ordered a recumbent and Hurdle Vibration Platform from Amazon and I started with 5 minutes on each. I was more sore and tired at first, but I kept at it. At first, I did 3 days a week then added a day, then up to five days a week. Once I got up to 5 days a week I started adding a couple minutes to each until I was up to 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and 20 minutes on the vibration platform. It’s easier because I’m home if I have a bad day I don’t exercise that day and add a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The Vibration platform loosens up my muscles, helps with circulation, and helps with lymphatic fluid circulation. Give it a try, I promise it will be worth it!!  Surviving Chronic Illness (Part 1)

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How to Live Bedridden with Chronic Illness

Being stuck in bed is no fun for anybody but it’s especially frustrating if you have a chronic illness and have to spend almost all your time in bed. This was the case for me. I had fibromyalgia, but it wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t function. However, in 2005 the unthinkable happened and landed me flat on my back for 12 years. We were involved in a severe auto/semi accident that left me with severe fibromyalgia and injuries so devastating that I spend the next 12 years in bed trying to figure out how to get out.

I learned a lot about having nothing but time to kill. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. Staring at the same four walls all day, looking forward to little but your next meal and meds, so the pain might ease up slightly, is not fun. However, as I was stuck there, I found things to make it a little easier. If you find yourself in that same situation I thought I would give you a list of things I found to pass the time and make living the horizontal life as bearable and easy as possible.

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