Elizabeth Clamon has been a great resource for me in my practice. I have been a professional counselor for 30 years, and often have clients who prefer a more natural approach to wellness, and she is someone I can rely on to give my clients solid advice about natural supplements and dietary changes they can make to improve mood and physical functioning. From attention deficit issues in children, to mood disturbances, chemical dependency or physical illnesses in all adults, Elizabeth is well versed in providing guidance to my clients. Using supplements without oversight from someone educated in this field can be risky, but the benefits of natural interventions are potentially very great. I can refer patients to Elizabeth with confidence that they will get sound advice and compassionate support
-Kathy Barton, LMSW

When I was first told by my doc that I had high cholesterol, I asked Elizabeth for help in deciding what to do to bring it down. She suggested I start taking Omega 3 fish oil and CoQ10. My next doctor’s visit, my counts were down. There is another benefit to using the fish oil; it helps keep one regular if you know what I mean.                  -Nina

When I first began consulting with Elizabeth, I was intent on losing weight. I currently have lost some weight, and Elizabeth helped me figure out the best course of action to lose that weight. But all the while she was telling me to change my lifestyle choices to be healthier, not just lose weight. She did a lot of research for me when I was looking to start eating healthier, which includes eating a diet that is made for my body type. Elizabeth also suggested that I start taking women’s multivitamins and mineral to bring my body back into balance. I also went to her when I had a double ear infection looking for an alternative way to treat my infection. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone that is looking to start a better lifestyle. Her knowledge and compassion is the best thing when looking to make changes in your life.                                                                                                      -Megan

When I started searching for help with the problems I was having, such as severe anxiety, and depression, and intolerance to milk and dairy products. I wanted a different answer than a prescription from a doctor. So I began consulting Elizabeth and found that there was another solution. She suggested ST. Johns Wort for my anxiety and depression, and plant enzymes for my lactose intolerance and they work wonders! Still to this day I don’t suffer from either of these issues anymore.

I just wanted to say thanks for suggesting the “HappyLight, Liberty 5K” Energy lamp. It is really helping with pepping me up. I’m also taking the 250mg Magnesium for my menopause symptoms and it is giving me some anxiety relief too. You’ve offered me some great suggestions, can’t wait to try the others! Thanks for your help!          -Dana

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