The Best Ways to Boost your Metabolism and My Experience Losing Weight

I have battled my weight for most of my life, even though now that I’m in that second phase of life, I realize it wasn’t until the last 15-30 years that my weight has really been a struggle. As long as I watched what I ate, stayed active, and had someone to be accountable to I did okay. When we moved to Massachusetts in 2000, I didn’t know anyone, had trouble finding and making friends (for the first time in my life). Quite frankly I had always lived down south and the climate change made me not want to get out most of the time. I was also entering my mid-thirties and not only was I changing physically, I was super busy in the mist of raising three children, whom I was homeschooling, working part-time, and the significant traumas from my childhood where starting to catch up with me.

I heard Beth Moore say one time, “trauma and negative emotions are like a beach ball fully inflated, you can only hold it completely under the water for so long and it’s going to bob to the surface!” Well needless to say, my beach ball was overinflated, to the point of bursting (which it did a few short years later) and I felt like I was coming unraveled!! Those emotions and traumas were starting to push their way to the surface and I became physically sicker and emotionally depressed and angry. Now I know it had to happen and all that had to come out. And OH, BOY! Did it ever over the next few years. This lead me to stop watching what I ate, stop being active (those emotions make us just want to stay closed off), and to be consumed with everything else instead of trying to take care of myself. The weight started rising slowly and I never got it in control until now. Father’s Day and a Girl’s Broken Heart (Just one example of the childhood traumas)

So, what changed? Well, 5 more moves, five more times of starting over, a major auto accident that left me disabled, finished raising those three children, who are self sufficient adults, had more and more set backs physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, went to counseling twice, did a lot of work to resolve those issues, then and only then was I ready to work on the physical, just this last year. I believe we are a four sided person Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical. Once all the other pieces were in place I was at a point I was ready to work on the physical. Like working a jigsaw puzzle, what parts do you dig out and put together first? The edges, Right? Well this is the same concept, the edges give you a template, a framework, and then you can begin on the middle (the harder part to figure out!)! Living with Chronic Pain (My Journey) Part 1

The world tells us work on the physical first and the rest will fall into place. The world tells us this because that’s what they are hung up on; appearance, weight, looks, clothes, etc… I say that is Bass Ackwards!!! That doesn’t mean you can’t strive to get healthy physically, while you are working on the other areas, but let me tell you from experience, if you don’t get that frame in place you won’t have much success and if you do have some success the next wave of emotional, mental, or spiritual crisis to arise and any of those physical strides you made will not be easy to maintain. The beauty is you can work on all simultaneously or pick the one you feel is effecting you the most and focus in on that. I have gained enough healing (I say enough because for me and the amount of trauma I’ve experienced, I don’t believe I will ever be completely healed, barring Devine Intervention, and that’s okay). God loves me at whatever stage I’m at and has loved me through all the good and bad stuff and I was at points so angry I was pretty hard to love. I’m better now than I have ever been and there is nowhere to go but up from here! Thank God!!

So for me what has worked in getting myself better physically are some things listed below. I’m not there yet, those size seven jeans aren’t a reality for me anymore. I have to be realistic; I’m 52 years old, I’ve had 3 children, I’ve yo-yo dieted most of my life, I have a couple of chronic illnesses and major injuries that fight me at every turn, so my goals are reasonable and achievable. I found a wellness/eating program that works for me and that’s huge, because I’ve tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING!! That doesn’t mean what I’m doing now will work for you, we are Individuals (fearfully and wonderfully made… Psalms 139:14a) and have to find what’s the right fit for a healthy us.  Weight Loss Fast, Easy, Successful

So if any of this sounds familiar to you and your sick of living like this!!! I’m here to help!! No pushy sales techniques, no gimmicks, no pressure!! I WANT TO SEE YOU HEALED and YOUR LIFE RESTORED, like mine has been. The desire of my heart is to see you healed and help you get to where you want to be Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically. Don’t keep living in bondage, it’s a miserable place to be, I KNOW!! Happy Holidays!?!? NOT always!!

Visit me HERE ,email , or call (252) 268-2186 for a FREE 45 minute strategy session and I will email you a FREE mini-course on The Basics of Natural Health just for contacting me. I promise it will be revealing and at the end I will NOT pressure you in any way to buy ANYTHING or sign up for ANYTHING!! If you like what you hear and want to go further we will discuss it, if you don’t tell me that’s what you want, I WILL NOT ASK!! I hate pushy sales people, sales tactics, gimmicks, how we seem to have lost the art of customer service and compassion, and most of all the buy this now, you can’t get this anywhere else, if you sign up right now you get all this for Only this much, offer ends when you hang up the phone, NOW, NOW, NOW!! Yuck, makes me sick!!!! I’m not a salesperson, I’m a Caring Christian Woman and Naturopath that has been at the End of My Rope, thinking there’s NO WAY OUT, NO ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS, and NO ONE THAT CAN HELP!! Then I was called by God to help people find freedom from a life of bondage and recover from life’s traumas, that’s it plain and simple!! When we do your strategy session, if it’s not the right time for you, okay! I’ll be here tomorrow, next week, next, month, and next year, Lord willing, you can call me or email me anytime. What I offer you is what I’ve learned and used to achieve healing for myself and others, Healing and Transformation in every area. Freedom from what’s holding you back and keeping you from a more abundant life. (John 10:10 KJV) I offer very reasonable pricing based on the current market of Consultants and Coaching. I also offer custom pricing, payment plans, and full and partial scholarships. Please inquire during your Strategy Session, you will be pleasantly surprised!!! Prices may need to be adjusted based on the services you want, the complexity of your issues, and the amount of time required to research your specific needs. I am willing to work with you, if you have special circumstances.

Now a few Metabolism Boosters to start:

Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains an antioxidant called catechins which helps trigger the release of fats from fat cells and helps speed the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy. Tea is an effective fat burner.




Eat more Protein

For a faster metabolism, increase your protein intake. Eating a fast metabolism diet rich in lean protein can increase the amount of fat you burn. Your body burns twice as many calories by digesting proteins than it does when digesting carbs. Add more protein to your diet with two 4-6 ounce servings of lean meat a dat. You can also increase your protein intake by including a protein shakes and protein bars into your diet.


Exercise in short bursts

This has been shown to increase the body’s fat burning capacity. It involves doing short bursts of high intensity exercise for 30 to 60 seconds followed by 1 minute recovery period. I ride a recumbent bike and peddle fast for 30 to 60 seconds for those burst, when my body lets me. Otherwise, I just get on and peddle at a comfortable pace, something is better than nothing!


Eat Breakfast for a Fast Metabolism

Don’t skip breakfast. Eat every morning to prevent your body from going into starvation mode. After a eight hour “fast” (sleep) your body needs fuel. This can make the body slow down it’s metabolism to conserve energy. Eat within 30-60 minutes after waking up.


Lift some weights

Strength training works well for increasing the metabolic process of the body. Lifting weights increases your muscle mass. A pound of muscle burns six calories per day while a pound of fat burns only two calories per day. As you get older, you’re resting metabolic rate decreases but when you include strength training to your exercise routine, you’re resting metabolic rate can increase and you could burn up to 100 calories a day while resting. This is especially true for women, as well, we already don’t have the muscle mass men do. I have hand weights that are 3 and 5 pounds (start with 1 pound weights, I use a 16 ounce can of vegetables for this, cause I already have them and you move past them pretty quickly).


Add some Heat

Pepper contains a chemical compound capsaicin which has a heating effect which raises metabolic rate. Some studies have shown hot pepper and spicy foods increase metabolism. You can also take a capsaicin supplement or use a capsaicin cream to rub on sore joints and muscles. But getting them in your diet is the best way. Weight Loss Supplements to Aid in Weight Loss


Drink water before you eat

Drink at least two glasses of water before every meal this will help you eat less. Increasing the amount of water you drink can rev up your metabolism. Always drink water cold, it burns more calories when your body must heat it up. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of pure filtered water daily. This is a hard one for me!!


Eat every three hour

Eating smaller portion of food often can help improve your metabolism. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat small sized portions of 5 to 6 meals. Eating frequently can help prevent craving. This also stabilizes your blood sugar, so your digestion works more effectively. Include protein in every meal nuts, peanut butter, legumes, beans, protein shakes, and bars.


Coconut oil

Adding coconut oil to your diet boost metabolism and is very helpful in weight loss. It has short and medium-chain fatty acids that helps in the lose of excessive weight. It is easy to digest and helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine system. It increases the body’s metabolic rate by removing stress on the pancreas, burning more calories and helping overweight people lose weight.


Supplements that can help Jump start your Metabolism:

The Best Ways to Boost your Metabolism and My Experience Losing Weight
Natural Health Coaching Programs

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