Weight Loss, are Mental Blocks Stopping your Long Term Success?

It’s quickly approaching the New Year and with the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions, at the top of the list for most people is LOSE WEIGHT!! So if it was at the top of the resolution list last year, why is it still on the list? Is it because you set the goal to high, to fast, you gave up to soon, or could it be something else entirely? Dieting sometimes seems overwhelming and any of us who have ever had extra pounds to lose, know it’s HARD to lose and HARDER to keep off. Do you feel like you don’t have the heart to try again? Do you feel like if you try you’ll just quit again or maybe, just maybe, lose it just to gain it all back? What if it’s NOT about resolutions, the will power, the drive, or the heart to try again, but something completely different?

Well it’s NOT always about all that—sometimes it’s all in your head. This is especially true if your reason for losing weight is… Well, it’s the New Year and I know I need to lose weight, so I’ll RESOLVE to do it this time. Don’t you think all the weight loss companies know this, have you watched TV, listened to the radio, or gone on Social Media lately?? As I write this three commercials came on TV about losing weight in the New Year!! Ughhh!!! Do you think they care if you lose weight? NO, they care about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! I submit they even attempt to sabotage you, so you’ll come back time and time again…so they can make more and more MONEY!! So instead of starting another diet, making a New Years Resolutions to lose weight, and throwing more money at weight lose companies, let’s explore the reasons why what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked and what you can do different.

It’s NOT all or nothing 

One of the main reasons that diets fail is because people approach weight loss the wrong way. Focusing on the diet mentality is the key to success, If I had to pick one thing that stops a diet from failing, it would be all-or-nothing thinking and all-or-nothing acting. We have to set small, realistic goals instead of big, overwhelming ones. If you go into every situation in life thinking it’s all or nothing, you’re much more likely to fail at whatever you’re doing. All-or-nothing thinking sets us up for failure before we ever start. An example of this is most of you know I started a new wellness program August 18th of this year and while I’ve had great success, partly due to the ease of the program, but also because I decided to do my best! When I’ve approached weight loss in the past and I’ve done everything that’s out there and alway gained the weight back, I went all in and all-or-nothing. I stayed so strict on whatever diet I was on and gave myself no leeway. So when I lost all the weight, the diet was “over” and I was “free” to eat whatever I wanted again, therefore I have lost and gained the same weight over and over!! Now I cut myself some slack…like we are out-of-town, at our daughter’s house for Christmas week, so I’m half on Program and half off. I eat Fuelings during the day and whatever she makes for dinner I eat. It’s NOT on Program but I gave myself permission to eat what I want and if the scale doesn’t move or even goes up some, it’s okay! I’ll be back on the straight and narrow when I get home. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing and I don’t feel deprived or like I was cheated out of my favorite foods, because I was “on a diet”!


Mental Obstacles

Another obstacle dieters face is giving up on themselves. We often don’t believe we can really do it and keep it off. But once we see someone else lost weight, we start to think, I can do that, too. Then when the first set back comes, and it always does, we tell ourselves we are a failure, we’ll never lose the weight, we might as well give up! Our mind gets in the way and a small set back becomes the reason we quit. What if we did that in every area of life, like one fight with our spouse and that’s it marriage is over, I can’t do this, I must be meant to be single! It was one little fight, you don’t quit after that, so why do you have some cookies off Program and say that’s it?? No it’s one little set back and you pick up and start over. And most of all tell your mind to shut up and forgive the slip, it’s not the end of the world!! Stress Less

I also see many people begin a weight-loss program out of anger or the “no pain, no gain” mentality. Anger is not [the same as] a commitment. If you can stay on a program that causes no pain and you gradually lose weight over the year, that’s great. Life is full of pain, there is no reason to suffer through a diet that is painful just to make gains (which are really losses) then turn around and have your mind say, “you did it, you lost the weight you’re done, back to life”. Like a hamster on a wheel we just keep going in circles. Wouldn’t it be better to make changes you can live with forever? That way you NEVER start a diet again and losing weight never has to be a New Years Resolution again! DECIDE IS IT 1 DAY ? OR DAY 1! YOUR CHOICE! YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE FOR A DAY OR YOU CAN MAKE IT DAY 1 OF A NEW YOU!!!   Food and the Happiness Factor


Healthy Mindset

“I tried to lose weight twice before I made the permanent lifestyle changes necessary to accomplish my goals,” says John from Fairfax, Va. When he made the decision to get serious about losing weight, it was because he realized not only was his weight unhealthy, but so was the way he thought about his weight and his health. “I remember going shopping for bigger pants again, and sitting in the store and looking at the 44W rack, thinking I could probably save money if I just got the 46W and grew into them — talk about surreal,” says John. That was the moment he realized his thought process had to change and it led to a 70-pound weight loss. “Luckily, I had a moment of clarity and realized how self-destructive my logic was,” says John.

The trigger that makes you realize you don’t lose weight through a diet, but through a lifestyle change, is different for everyone. Drastic dieting can be a vicious cycle that leaves people angry, depressed, frustrated, and finally just giving up. But if you learn a healthy way to approach weight loss, both mentally and physically, you can find long-term success. I now correct anyone who says, “Oh, you’re on that diet”. I have been on a diet my entire life, I look back at my high school year book and some of my friends wrote, “I hope you lose the weight you want to”. I think now, What!?!?!? I was far from overweight then, but in my mind apparently I thought of myself that way and voiced that to my friends. So my mindset has been unhealthy for a very long time! I’m changing that now, I’m getting healthy and taking care of myself. Sometimes that shows on the scale, sometimes it doesn’t. Other times it shows in other ways, including I can walk further without being out of breath, I can ride my recumbent bike for 25 minutes when before I could only do 5 minutes, my pain levels are overall lower, I don’t have to use an inhaler daily for my asthma, and I’m no longer on a CPAP for sleep apnea. Those are important changes in my life, even if the scale didn’t go down this week!! How Trauma Affects Our Relationship with Our Bodies

So don’t make a New Years Resolution to lose weight and DON’T go on a diet, they DON’T WORK!! Instead, change the way you think, because It’s NOT all or nothing, remove the Mental Obstacles, and get a Healthy Mindset. Follow a healthy eating program that teaches you to make steady changes that will last a lifetime. Get support, it is vital to success. You need an accountability partner or coach to help you through the tough time and there will be tough time, that’s LIFE. Mostly, give yourself permission to be human, we are not perfect and we should not expect ourselves to be!!

If you are looking for a proven successful proven program that comes with a FREE coach contact me. I would love to tell you about the program that I started in August 2017, I’ve lost 60 pounds so far and most of all I’m healthier, I feel better, and I had pizza for dinner and it’s okay!! I’m here to help and support you, NO pressure, NO sales pitches, just sharing my experience and the answer I’ve finally found I can stick with forever!

To Schedule a time to chat about Weight Loss/Wellness Program go HERE. And just for scheduling a chat you get my e-book Secrets to Weight Loss Success as my gift to you.


Weight Loss, are Mental Blocks Stopping your Long Term Success?
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