Soberlink devices employ cutting-edge technology to aid with sobriety. Soberlink does this with an integrated monitoring system that works through the concept of liability. With the help of the comprehensive alcohol monitoring system, Soberlink is able to build an accountability system. Soberlink provides a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system designed to help individuals successfully document sobriety for court cases. Unlike traditional alcohol monitoring methods, Soberlink provides clients with a robust, flexible, and affordable way to check their sobriety.

The most obvious advantage to having a Soberlink Breath Alcohol Analyzer is avoiding driving under the influence. Soberlink has several different benefits compared to other systems and alcohol monitoring tests. Soberlink devices are designed specifically to support rehabilitative, not punitive, alcohol monitoring. Soberlink devices also feature some unique features that further facilitate successful alcohol monitoring.

Consistent and Effective Alcohol Monitoring

When negotiating a custodial agreement, Soberlink clients can rely on their devices to provide consistent, effective alcohol monitoring. Unlike traditional methods of alcohol monitoring, Soberlink provides clients with a trusted, flexible, and affordable way to check sobriety. If you are facing allegations of alcohol abuse, Soberlink can provide you with objective proof of sobriety while on parenting leave. Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety with an integrated alcohol tracking system.

The Alcohol Breathalyzer is an affordable, discreet alcohol monitoring system that promotes individual accountability and behavior modification using specialized fuel cell technology and adaptive facial recognition. Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring is not a type of therapy, but a clinical tool that can be used to screen the patient and provide the best possible treatment. The alcohol breathalyzer, the Soberlink, is a small handheld device with an alcohol-testing capability. Similar to the glucose monitor gadget used by diabetics, the alcohol breathalyzer is meant to serve as a liability tool for the person using it.

Help in Alcohol Use Disorder

Soberlink can help people attempting to break their drinking habit or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Soberlink is a device that is currently used in health care settings to assist in preventing a relapse to alcohol. Soberlink’s technology uses a handheld breathalyzer and recovery management software, making regular screenings of alcohol consumption easier. We received a new device for review called the SL2 from Soberlink, a company out of Cypress, CA, which makes it easy to regularly screen for alcohol use.

Our system is also used extensively at employee assistance programs, where employers are seeing Soberlink as an alternative to urine alcohol tests. The Soberlink Reviews Program provides live results of alcohol consumption for anyone, at any time. Using Soberlink, you can track the amount of alcohol you are drinking. While most of those using our system are simply interested in whether a person is drinking or not, you can be assured that our devices provide highly accurate alcohol consumption rates.

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