Anyone who has ever had a joint has the Feminized Cannabis Seeds plant. This is because only female cannabis plants can produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that provide the desired tastes and effects.

Why You Should Use Only Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Your Crop?

Growers that begin with Feminized Cannabis Seeds have several benefits. Feminized seeds shorten the time and effort needed to cultivate plants by eliminating the guesswork germinating ordinary seeds. 

Effectiveness is crucial for those who use Cannabis for medical purposes or develop it as a hobby. Growers planting a small crop of Cannabis for personal use aim to maximize their yield within the constraints of plant count rules.

  1. Male plants provide a purpose other than simply taking up room in a landscape. They may also cause a waste of time and money for farmers. Growers must tend to both the male and female plants until the sex differences between them become apparent. 
  2. However, most cannabis plants don’t start expressing their sex until they mature past the vegetative stage. However, certain strains will exhibit early signals of their sex before blooming.
  3. When the plant’s photoperiod (the ratio of light to dark) shifts to 12 hours in the morning and 12 hours at night, the plant undergoes this transformation. This transition can occur naturally with the seasons in outdoor gardens, or it can be facilitated by human intervention in more controlled situations such as indoor gardens employing light timers.
  4. In order to prevent pollination of the female plants by the male ones, farmers must take the time to identify the sex of each plant as it matures.
  5. Growers may get the most out of their space and crop yields by buying feminized seeds from companies like Cannabis, rather than spending weeks tending plants with a 50% chance of expressing themselves as female. These seeds have been treated to increase the likelihood of a female plant to 99 percent.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

  1. A few methods exist for consistently creating Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Conventional strategies include disrupting a healthy female plant’s light cycle while in flower. However, spraying female plants with a colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate solution is a more popular and manageable option. The sex of a plant can be managed in this way without resorting to genetic engineering.

  1. They both consist primarily of water and tiny silver particles and perform similarly. A hormone called ethylene plays a role in the flowering process, and the silver solution prevents its formation. The resulting plant is female in gender but has male-looking blooms with pollen sacs. The pollen sacs can only contain female genes because they originate in a plant devoid of male chromosomes. The seeds produced from pollination between those flowers and another female plant (one not treated with silver solutions) will almost certainly be female.

  1. Marijuana breeders have found that treating plants with a silver thiosulfate solution results in seeds that will generate feminized plants nearly 100% of the time.


Cultivating Cannabis at home in several jurisdictions in the United States and Canada is becoming increasingly acceptable. Many popular strains are available as Feminized Cannabis Seeds from retailers like Cannabis, making it simple to begin cultivating at home. You can visit our website for more details on Feminized Cannabis Seeds.


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