Dentophobia is a real thing. In fact, psychiatrists regard it as a significant aspect of your overall health. However, this common form of fear crops up due to a series of reasons. And it all involves various emotions. These feelings often relate to your concern over oral health, as well as other factors.

How common is Dental Anxiety?

The results of some new studies reveal that in the USA itself, about 75% of people have at least some type of dental care anxiety. And 20% of them try not to visit their dentist just because of the reason. This is why expert Chicago dentist, as well as dentists in other states, try to keep their patients as comfortable with them as possible. And they employ a number of ways to make it.

What can be the Causes?

There are various reasons for people getting caught with dental feats. For example:

  • Many of the patients complain of suffering from unfavorable experiences in the past. It could be that you had a daunting experience in your childhood. The fear lived with you even when you grew up.
  • Dental cosmetic surgery, as well as different types of treatment procedures, require the use of various tools. Often, these tools produce a lot of sound while operating. While some instruments are essential for routine checks, teeth whitening and similar treatments, they can bring in some discomfort, as well.

How to get Help?

No matter your reason and level of anxiety, expert dentists do try to make your treatment fast, easy and smooth. And they use various strategies to make it:

  • Information and communication: your friendly dentist would love to know about what you are actually afraid of. It can also be a great way to start a conversation. Your dentist would happily explain the procedures during, before as well as after the surgery. Once you know what actually is going on with your treatment, then you may find it easier to calm yourself.
  • Techniques of calming: your health expert could suggest ways like breathing exercises, aroma therapy, or basic distractions.
  • Visiting the dentist during his “happy hours”: there are times of the day, such as the early hours, or similar times when the dentist could have some free time. It is then you can see lesser people or experience lesser noise of tools. This is a potent way to manage factors that trigger anxiety for you.
  • White noise: use noise-canceling earphones and play white noise, or listen to podcasts/music or just about anything that distracts you.
  • Oral sedatives: in extreme cases, doctors might consider some mild sedatives. This is, however, applicable only in very serious cases.
  • Take breaks: add short breaks throughout your procedure to make yourself comfortable.

The Takeaway

There are several ways by which Chicago dentists might try to ease your anxiety before any dental treatment. You can get all. They help them with what you need. However, there is hardly a reason to nurture your dentophobia within you just because you had a bad experience previously.

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