Anxiety is a normal reaction to unpleasant thoughts or situations; in some ways, it can be useful. It helps us figure out how dangerous something is keeps us interested and on our toes when we need to learn about our surroundings or perform in front of other people, and pushes us to make plans to take care of ourselves and do what’s best for us.

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When stress gets out of hand, it hurts our lives. It makes us feel too scared or uneasy to think clearly and realistically about danger. It makes our bodies feel bad, which can change how we feel. It can make us short-tempered or unhappy, which can hurt our relationships.

Signs your anxiety is getting worse

Problems with your body that get in the way

Anxiety often causes physical symptoms, but if the anxiety isn’t too bad, the symptoms will go away or be easy to deal with. In extreme cases of anxiety, however, the symptoms become problems in and of themselves, and they seem to get worse the more they are noticed, causing a vicious cycle.

Some of the most common signs of anxiety are an upset stomach, headache, heartbeats, numbness and tingling, dizziness, and shortness of breath. When these symptoms get too bad, they can get in the way of daily life.

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Worrying a lot about things that are unlikely to happen, even after being reassured

Functional and reasonable anxiety usually includes a realistic sense of risk and can be changed with the right knowledge. On the other hand, anxiety that keeps getting worse can be hard to calm down. Like a person who fears they have a disease even though tests have repeatedly shown that they don’t, or a person who is so sure their partner will leave them that they start to drive their partner away by constantly needing to be reassured of their commitment, anxiety at this level is no longer useful; it is making things worse.

Trouble focusing or forgetfulness

Changes in your ability to focus can be caused by many things, like ADD/ADHD, sadness, or not getting enough sleep. But this is also something that worry can do. In these situations, a person’s thoughts move so quickly that they have trouble “landing” anywhere.

When we are trying to focus on just one thing, the mental clutter of our worries gets in the way, forcing us to pay attention to it and making it.

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Sleep problems

Some people with anxiety find it easy to see how it affects their sleep: they lie awake in bed thinking about things and can’t fall asleep. For some people, the changes are more gradual, like waking up too early and unable to go back to sleep, having more disturbing nightmares, or just sleeping more restlessly. Unfortunately, this can often become a vicious circle.

Not only is it harder to get restful sleep when we’re too tired, but when we haven’t had enough sleep, our moods become more negative and hyper vigilant, which can make our anxiety worse.

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Negativity and anger go up

People who are getting more anxious may notice that they are just mad at the world and can’t go with the flow or be patient like they used to be able to. They may find annoying things that didn’t bother them before, like noises, crowded places, or social situations that are hard to deal with.

People who worry a lot may start to feel bad about them, questioning their ability to get through problems and judging themselves in more negative ways than they ever have before. This can be a sign of sadness, especially if it goes along with the idea that things will never get better.

Feeling uneasy about being “out of control”

When someone has anxiety, it can be hard for them to explain what they are going through. Many people take this to mean that something is wrong with their bodies, which is called summarization.

For others, it’s just that they feel like they’re so wound up that they can never relax. In either case, it can be upsetting enough to need help.

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